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Quershions with Kasi Daine

30 Mar

This series has been SO MUCH FUN, I almost can’t stand it. Seriously. I want to do cartwheels every time I receive an email with “Interview” in the subject line!! So far, we have gotten to see what’s going on behind the scenes in music with Matt Blake of WhiskeyBoy Radio, Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast, and Brian “Torch” Idell, of Torch Entertainment. (By the way, clicking on names leads back to the interview, and clicking on brands leads to their respective websites.)

Today’s behind-the-scenes look is with Casey Stuhlman of Dark Horse Images. She is a ROCK STAR with a camera, y’all. She does fantastical work and I always look forward to seeing her band promo shoots and her live images as well. I heart her hard core, and she is effing hilarious… So here goes. Read up and then go show her some love!!

This is Casey... And she says she has no super powers....

What first made you want to get involved with music and photography?

As cliche as it sounds, I think this is what I was born to do.  I’ve been a music lover my entire life.  I’ve been playing “Name the Artist” since I was 3 (not surprisingly, I was a lot better as a 3 year old).  I didn’t dig into photography until a few years ago, but I found that I loved it just as much as I did music… naturally, I wanted to marry the two… and make them have babies…and have those babies published for the world to see.  🙂

What was your first concert?

Weezer / No Doubt / Goldfinger – and you know how much I paid?!  $12!  Granted, that was 18 years ago… Holy crap!  That will make you feel old!

Best concert?

Dude, you would have to ask me this.  My mind is racing through the bands and I don’t even know where to start or stop.  Let’s go with Dillinger Escape Plan when they played at the Ridglea or at The Prophet Bar (isn’t that what it’s called now?)… but not when they played at Verizon.  They’re a band that needs to be taken in a small intimate room so you all can absorb every ounce of energy they put out… and trust me you will, and you will be blown away.

Worst concert?

Yeowzas…Hate to say this because they’re still one of my most favoritest bands in the whole wide world, but there was a really bad Deftones show somewhere there between 2004-2010 (I’ve been to their show 9+ times now and I never keep track).  I got to photograph them, though, last year when they came through on tour and they did NOT disappoint!!  Chino had his old school energy and he genuinely looked like he was having the best time of his life up there.  It kinda got me crushing on him again haha.

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands?

Obviously Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan… Mastodon, Misery Signals, Norma Jean, Turbid North, and Poison the Well (they were my #1 until they called it quit-skies)… honestly, those are just the ones I was running to this morning.  I love everything from old school lowrider oldies to american classics to funk to r&b to hip hop to electronic to doom to hardcore to metal… I could go on forever, and will, if you let me. (Katie Note: I LOVE that Turbid North is legitimately mainstream now!!!!)

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands?

Black Dutch Sioux / Black On High / Pothead Goat / Burn Down / Oh, Sleeper / Magnum Octopus…. OH and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be coming from Cyanide Crisis (in Kasi Daine talk, Cyanide Crisis is the love child of The Destro & Within Chaos… bands I used to watch every chance I had at the Ridglea)!

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

Used to sing until I dropped the F-Bomb during my duet at the Christmas choir concert in school… since then, my nerves are insta-shot the second I think of performing in front of others.  It’s something I’m working on currently (haha).  I was doing alright on the drums until the camera came along and I could really only conquer one.  Sadly, I never had the focus to bother learning the chords with the guitar, which is stupid.  I got the callouses for nothing.

How long have you been active in the local music scene?

I’ve been supporting local music since 2004.  Honestly, none of my friends listened to metal or punk or hardcore, so I didn’t want to go to shows by myself.  Finally, my husband’s best friend and his wife invited me to go to MetalFest at the Ridglea to go check out this band called Debri.  I fell in love with the scene instantly.

What prompted you to get involved in local music?

I really didn’t know how to help, other than by spreading the word, baking cookies for the bands (my cookies were the shizznit), buying merch, etc, until I found this photography skill.  When I found it, I wanted to put it to good use.  I started asking bands to let me take promo pics for cheap, or in some instances, for free.  I shot all shows for free.  I have so many friends that get up and rock out on that stage and they don’t pay their bills doing so… most of them have day jobs, or some have two jobs!  If I can use my skill and cut them a break, I want to do that.  It’s a thank you for being ballsy enough to put your music out there for the masses (including me) to enjoy.

What prompted you to start photographing bands?

The second I picked up the camera, I knew I wanted to do rock photography, moreso than any other subject… I mean I love the wedding photography (man, I LOOOOOVE weddings), as well as the families and pets (oh pets!) – but it’s a different feeling… and it’s not on the same connection as the rock photography.  I literally find myself lost in the moment when I’m editing a powerful shot… Like Turbid North for example… I’ve seen them so many times and photographed them so many times that when I am editing their stuff, I can hear “Stormblast” starting and I’ll start bobbing my head slowly and before you know it, I’ve got a little headbang action going.  It’s like that with every band I edit… it’s like re-living their set.

How many shows would you say you have seen?


Who has been your favorite band to work with to date?

Gah, really?!  Don’t make me pick!!  Seriously, all the bands I’ve worked with, I’ve kinda formed a bond with, and they’re all welcome at my home anytime!  But if I had to pick one, I’d have to say Turbid North… they really took a risk on me when they were working on getting signed and because of their rise, my work’s been published on a couple dozen places online, in a few newspapers, and then in Metal Hammer magazine in the UK.  But then again, the drummer from Black Dutch Sioux did let me move his living room outside… 🙂

Where do you see Dark Horse Images going in the next year? Five years?

In the next year I’m going to be building the brand.  I’ve operated as Kasi Daine, but to separate the weddings and the music business, I spawned Dark Horse Images.  The new site is currently in development, and I’m working on a super big cool project for 2012 (to be formally announced Septemberish).  Five years: I want Dark Horse to be a common name in the community.  I see myself getting super creative and building sets and really pulling off some dope shit and help some of these bands get to the level, visually, that mainstream bands are at with their fancy shmancy industry photo shoots.  🙂  I’m also looking to build a service offering for sponsorship photos for the bands in the area… Some of these guys are sending in photos with their gear using their phone.. which don’t get me wrong the iPhone can take some decent pics.. But if you’re an industry exec and you’re looking to spend your cash on someone, you’re more apt to spend it on someone who put forth the effort and a little extra cash because that means you’re serious.

What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW?

The Buddy System.  I used to be able to go out and see maybe two of the same bands and then a few new acts… but everyone got into this habit of having each other play together because, well, it’s hella fun to hang out and share the experience with your friends! However, so many bands should have been provided a chance to perform but weren’t even offered a spot on the bill because they’re not good enough friends with someone… and that’s pretty whack for the fans.  Why would I spend my hard-earned money paying to see the exact sets over and over again?  One of the best things about local music is finding these young kids who are fresh to the stage and helping them along and giving them the support.. but if they can’t get on the stage because your lame lesser talented friend is playing – well that kinda sucks!

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

The camaraderie.

Do you like sushi?

Fuck yea

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of seeing shows, taking photos, and editing?

I’m a nerd with a bit of social anxiety, so when I’m not shooting a band or a wedding or editing, I’m trying to relax and just spend time with the husband..We spend a lot of time being dorks video gaming lol… I get down with my Xbox Kinect – that Michael Jackson game is off the hook!

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???

April 6th is a shitty day for me because two of my favoritest local bands are playing in different metroplex cities.  Black Dutch Sioux will be tearing it up at The Ranch, while Black on High is having their first show with new guitarist Spenser Freeman.  Both killer shows, but entirely different vibes yanno… Either way, I gotta figure out how to be 2 places at once.  Then there’s also a special announcement coming about an upcoming 2 day music fest happening soon, and I’m geeked about that.  I have the worst memory for dates, but if you connect with me on FB, I’m always whoring out someone’s swag or show.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I wanna fly.  I’ve always wanted to.  And can you effin’ imagine if I could fly above the crowd to get shots?!  Possibilities are endless.   Links to your pages? My website is undergoing a facelift, but it’s kasidaine.com My new work is at facebook.com/DarkHorseImages My old stuff is at facebook.com/kasidaine

  Anything else you would like to tell us?

Hey bands – I like t-shirts!!  And I will pimp that shit for you!  Hook it up! 🙂

Check out Casey’s Work and Awesomeness Here:


NEW WORK on Facebook

OLD WORK on Facebook

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Casey!!!!!

Let Me Axe You a Quershion…

18 Mar

Oh, yes… I have decided to do a series of interviews with other people involved with local music. I wanted my interviews to be a little bit different, though… I wanted to know what it is that drives the people who are “behind the scenes,” so to say. I have a list of various people involved with everything from venue management, sound engineering, promotions, band management, music reviewers, podcasters, radio personalities, and more.

The first interview is with Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast. I met Jordan when he came out to a Sawed-Off Productions show at The Ranch in Arlington on February 19, 2012 to review a show. Sawed-Off Productions is super excited to be working on a series of showcases this summer with Jordan and  WhiskeyBoy Radio that will be culminating with the Broadcasting For Boobies event in August.

This is Jordan. I totally stole this photo from his facebook page.

Jordan’s show reviews are fair, honest, and insanely accurate. He somehow manages to remember the entire set list, technical details about each song, and the length of songs and set times. HE DOESN’T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN. At all. The links to all of his pages and info are included at the bottom.

What first made you want to get involved in music?

Short answer; To try to spread my love of music to others and get them to check out the bands I love. Long answer; I didn’t always care for music. It wasn’t until 1999 when I happened to discover Aerosmith that I actually began listening to music on a regular basis. I soon “discovered” some more classic rock bands (Springsteen, U2, etc.), which served as the foundation of my passion for music, but it wasn’t until I saw my first local concert that I wanted to get more involved in some way. Like I said, I just want to expose these bands to as many people as possible, and I’m going to do my damnedest to do so.

What was your first concert?

The first show I ever saw was Aerosmith back in 2001. It was during the bands tour in support of “Just Push Play”. They were the first band I ever became a fan of, so getting to see them live was amazing… I just don’t think I fully appreciated it like I would if I saw them now.

Best concert?

I’ve seen several great ones, and I’m not sure if I can pick just one. Practically every show I saw of The FEDS (which was 25 in all) was amazing. The two that really stand out were their farewell show at The Marque in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January, 10th 2009, and then their reunion performance just a few months ago at the Curtain Club. Both of those will be almost impossible to top.

Worst concert?

Well, there’s this band by the name of Rains… Haha! Yeah, that is definitely THE worst, and I don’t foresee any concert ever being worse than that. With the terrible sounding voice of Jeff Rains aside, it was all in how the show was handled that made it suck. I don’t care what band you’re with, you don’t allow your tour manager to come up on stage and call off a show. In my opinion, when you’re on stage, you need to be as professional as possible, and that was FAR from professional.

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands?

I’m pretty localized with what I listen to, actually. But some bands would be; The Airborne Toxic Event, Bowling for Soup (though in some ways they will always be a local band), Toadies (who will also always be a local band of sorts), Blue October, The Civil Wars, The Gaslight Anthem, Muse, MuteMath, Ludo, The Sounds, Circa Survive, Minus the Bear… I think that may be all of them. My main thing with mainstream music is that it tends to be so cookie-cutter, but I’m up for listening to anything that isn’t.

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands?

There are oh so many. Trebuchet and Descender are my top favorite acts at the moment. The former is constantly changing up their set so it’s always fresh, while the latter plays some of the heaviest music around. Air Review is wonderful. Fantasma puts on a hell of a show. Night Gallery, Meridian, Secret of Boris, Nothing More… Jessie Frye might easily be the greatest female vocalist currently in the area. I absolutely love Paco Estradas’ music. That’s just a handful, ’cause there’s so much amazing talent around here. I just can’t remember everybody of the top of my head.

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons?

Yes, I own at the spoons! Haha. No, I don’t. The guitar interests me, and even the drums do a little bit, but I don’t play anything. Maybe I’ll attempt to learn one, one day. Now I did sing in choir during all three years of middle school, so I can sing to some extent I guess, but only in a lower register. You don’t want to hear me singing along to songs, ’cause it sounds terrible (but still not as bad as Jeff Rains).

How long have you been active in the local music scene?

Well, the first time I went to Deep Ellum to see a show was in March of 2006, so I guess I’ve been really active for about six years now.

What prompted you to get involved in local music?

Well, going back further than six years ago, I had just gotten into Bowling for Soup and they were doing a show at the Plano Centre, not too far from my house. It was an all day event put on by Buzz-Oven (I miss Buzz-Oven) and featured all local bands. That was my introduction to the local scene, and it caused me to really get into music in general. Going back to the band I mentioned earlier, The FEDS, after the second time I saw them the bands singer, Matt Slider, talked to me in length. He thanked me for purchasing their stuff, telling me how much he appreciated it and that, whether they acted it or not, any band whose stuff I bought would be extremely grateful for my support. I was only 16 at the time, but those words stuck with me, and in that moment I thought maybe I could do something for the bands I liked to make a difference… Even if it was on a very small scale.

What prompted you to start blogging/writing reviews?

Again, I go back to The FEDS. When I turned 17 and could actually get into some of the venues, I went to see them and another favorite group of mine, Space Cadet, who were playing at Club Clearview. I loved both bands with every fiber of my being, and I wanted to do what I could to help possible get them some fans. Myspace was THE social networking site at that time, and I wrote a blog on there about the show. They [my blogs] were total shit then. I mean, they’re still only mediocre now, but they were bad then. I basically just went over the bands set list and that was all. For example, “They opened with… and then they did… and then they did…” just one long run on sentence plagued with errors. I just kept doing it for the fun of it, thinking if I could turn one person on to a band, than I had done something good. Eventually it caught on with a few of the musicians I knew, whom I couldn’t believe wasted their time by reading them, and I got good feedback, and since a few people began to expect it and looked forward to reading them, I continued doing it.

How many shows would you say you have seen?

As of answering this question, the count stands at 389. I keep a running log of every show I attend, as well as the number of times I’ve seen an individual band… I guess that makes me a music nerd.

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Boy shorts?

I’m really liking thongs right now. The way they ride up in the crack is comforting in a weird way… HAHA! Kidding, kidding. Really, boxer briefs is my preference.

What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone you didn’t like?

Ummm… I don’t think anything, mainly because I don’t think there’s anyone I really dislike or hate.

Who was your favorite interviewee?

I haven’t done too many… Matt Slider was great, because he is one of the few musicians whom I actually idolize. Wild Child was really great to, though. Seeing as I had never even met them before doing the interview, they proved to be real easy to talk to and were very friendly.

Where do you see The Music Enthusiast going in the next year? Five years?

I’d like to think a year from now The Music Enthusiast will be a bigger local brand. Some people consider me a celebrity, which I think is crazy. I mean, I’m just a guy who loves music and goes out to concerts. That’s all. Still, I’d like the blog to get a little more attention than it does, but that will happen in due time, especially since its taken six years to get to the point it’s at now. Five years? Well, in five years I will have been blogging about concerts for over a decade. That’s insane to think about. I don’t know. I’m not looking for fame, but if it happens to find me… I have a good friend I’ve met through the scene, Brendan Williams, who has told me for a couple years now he wants to see me writing for Rolling Stone one day. It’d be cool to think that maybe that could happen, you know? Like, having national level bands saying “I want The Music Enthusiast to come out to our show and review it.” Who knows, maybe I’ll be a radio personality since I’ve started doing this podcast and have gotten great feedback from Matt (WhiskeyBoy). I do know one thing for sure, though, life is a journey, and I’m going to savor every step of this, no matter where it takes me.

What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW?

I wish that people would realize how many great bands are actually out here. When I first started going to Dallas, the parking lots would be fairly full but then soon tapered off and were nearly empty as Deep Ellum sit on the brink of collapse. People are definitely getting back down there now, but I don’t think many people really realize the full extent of the talent that resides in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, or any of the suburbs. It’s out there, they just need to support it.

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes?

The neighborhoods, specifically in Deep Ellum. Every few years it seems like there’s talk about renovating the area and giving it a complete facelift or something. If you did that, you do away with the character of the area, which is exactly what makes it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for change if it is beneficial to the area, but not demolition to build condos and such. As long as the area has been a staple of Dallas it should be considered a historical landmark and preserved, but to tell the truth, I’m skeptical of if it will survive for another 100+ years.

Do you like sushi?

I’ve never had it, and I don’t expect I’ll try it either. (My taste-buds are quite picky.)

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of seeing shows, writing, and podcasting?

I do like exercising and fit it in just about every day. I’m also a big fan of TV and usually watch a good bit of it. Sadly I think that’s about it, I don’t have many hobbies or anything.

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out???

Ha. Whore out is the exact word I use when wearing my The Music Enthusiast shirt. Of course our shows. April 6th at the Ranch with Black Dutch Sioux and the benefit show on August 3rd and 4th (also at the Ranch). I can’t wait to see Air Review on March 24th. They’ll be at Club Dada and the show is being presented by the Homegrown Festival (which by the way is something else I’m looking forward to. It’s the festivals third year and is shaping up to be its best yet.) The Texas Music Unites launch party on March 31st will be great, what with Moving Atlas, Dawn Over Zero and so many other killer acts performing. I can’t wait to see Quiet Company and Smile Smile at Club Dada on April 6th. The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is also going on that weekend and Jessie Frye will be playing it April 7th. The amount of talent she has is mind blowing. Ishi and The Soldier Thread will also be at Trees that night, and Ishi’s new music is astounding! I could go on and on, but I’ll stop myself there.

Are you aware that sometimes you are absolutely hilarious?

Hilarious? No. I know I have my moments (which are generally few and far between) but I didn’t think they were that good, so thanks! I tend to have more of a dry sense of humor, which some people just don’t seem to get.

How the hell did you get hooked up with WhiskeyBoy Radio?

I ask myself that same question every now and then… Just joking. I’d seen Matt at shows for a long while, and he had noticed me, too. I saw his shirt with the website WhiskeyBoy.US, but never visited it. He evidently noticed my blog from other bands posting when I did show reviews about them and began to check it out occasionally. At the end of June this past year he messaged me on Facebook introducing himself and saying I could meet him at a show that night if possible. I did and at first got on as the guy who updated their concert calendar. He told me he’d find something else for me to do with the station, and after a few months he asked me about hosting my own The Music Enthusiast Podcast on the WhiskeyBoy Radio Network he was about to start up. We just seemed to hit it off, I guess partly since we both love local music and aren’t doing what we do for personal gain.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

Ha! It’s funny that I think this is the hardest question of them all. It’s cliché, but flying would be pretty cool. That way you could take off and go wherever anytime you wanted to.

How did you first discover what a donkey show is?

I’m not really sure how I first found out what one was… But I’m somewhat interested in seeing one take place.

Links to all of your pages???

Tumblr Page

Facebook Page


Okay, now everyone go stalk Jordan and like him and read his posts and listen to his podcasts. Seriously. It will lead you on a path to better music choices.

I promise.

my arm hurts.

24 Aug

This post is mostly for my Mom. I could have emailed her, but I am so impressed with my medically correct self-portrait that I am going to post it here.

About a week and a half ago, I tripped over a box that someone left out in an attempt to kill me on accident. I gracefully flew through the air, tried to catch myself on a wall and did something very strange and painful to my arm.

It still hurts.

Here’s a picture of where it hurts.

This is me. And the arrows are pointing to where my arm hurts.

I fear it may fall off.

What Not To Name Your Band…

25 Jul

I had a conversation on the way home from work tonight with two of my favorite people concerning band names.

I’m not going to lie. Unless I really really know you or I really really know your band, there is a very very good chance that I do not remember the name of your band unless it is really really original. Or funny.

If you want my opinion and you are naming a new band (and you probably don’t, but I am going to tell you anyway), Please avoid using the following words in your band name:














I think that’s it… Not that a great band name wouldn’t be Fallen Goat Stab Wound Southern Demon Destruction….

It’s just that I might accidentally call you Northern Flying Elephant People.

Of course, it’s also possible that I might get too animated and call you Money for Meanies, too.

I kid. Kinda.

Really, though, I like originality.

I also regularly change the words to metal songs from things like….




When this happens I usually have to remove myself from the pit/band/stage area because I have amused myself to the point of ridiculous laughter and that is never acceptable during things like death, dying, and stabbing.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me…..

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