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9 Aug

This is a post that is mostly for back story. I have three blogs already ready to be posted, but none of them make sense without any further information.

For those who may have missed it, I moved to rural Oklahoma a month ago.

Most people who have known me over the past several years know Promoter Katie, Party Katie, Rock-n-Roll Martha Stewart Katie, Bar Manager Katie, or Pink Sparkly Katie.


There is also a Country-fied, chicken Fried, Boot-Wearing, Gun Toting, Cow Feeding, Redneck Katie.

I had actually kind of forgotten she was there, and how much fun it can be. Since I have been here, I have hand-fed calves, provided horses with snacks, helped frame out a barn, gone shooting, gone fishing, battled spiders, stalked a coon dog, and a bunch of other things I am sure I have left out.

I like it here, but there are also a lot of things I miss, like whataburger, real beer, bars that serve liquor, live music, real Mexican food, Margaritas, Shiner Bock, my friends, and the ability to procure just almost anything I could ever possibly want at almost any time of day.

It’s definitely culture shock, and I am adjusting, slowly but surely. All y’all have to do is sit back and enjoy the shenanigans!

Here we go!!!

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