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Sneak Peek!!

16 Sep

Remember the post a few posts back about the fantastical book my Lovely GrandMother has written?

Lovely, yes?

Of course you do. If not, go back and read it HERE.

Now, because not only am I SUPER excited about this book, but also because YOU buying it is my only chance at having an inheritance, here’s an excerpt…

Mom told Monique Dad had gone to Texas to look for a ranch, and we needed to sell some cotton we had in storage to pay the taxes on the plantation. It was all we had left an’ we’d have to sell it to pay for the land in Texas.

Monique said she was havin’ a dinner party the next evenin’ an’ she thought one of the guests would know where to find a buyer for our cotton. Well, that seemed like a good idea to me, but Mom said I shudn’t get too excited.

Not bein’ one to jus’ set around and wait for somethin’ to happen, Mom got up early next mornin’ an we set out for the brokers’ offices that lined the narrow streets back of the docks.

The men workin’ in them offices didn’ think too much of a woman comin’ to do biz’ness with ‘em. They called her “little lady” and asked what she was doin’ down there by herself. Most of ‘em wuz new to New Orleans. The brokers that Mom and Grandpa had dealt with wuz all gone….some dead, some run off by these carpet baggers who ‘uz jest interested in makin’ money, no matter who they cheated. The ones who did talk to Mom about buyin’ the cotton offered so little it would’a cost more to get it loaded.

Mom would say, “Thank you for your time,” and we’d leave. We would hear ‘em laughin’ when we walked out.

We went in to one office an there wuz a man settin’ behind a desk with his feet up an’ a half-empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. Mom told him that she had some cotton to sell an’ he started laughin’ so she turned around ato leave. That man jumped up an’ moved around his desk a whole lot quicker ’n I would’a thought he could. He grabbed Mom’s arm and told her to come on back an’ have a drink with him. Mom told him no, she had to find someone interested in her cotton not alcohol. The man twisted Mom’s arm up around her back, she yelped ‘cause it hurt an’ tried to pull away, but he jest laughed an’ kept on huggin’ her. I grabbed the man’s coat tail an’ started jerkin’ on it an’ yellin’ at him to leave Mom alone. He turned around and grabbed the back of my coat an’ lifted me up in the air. Mom screamed at him to put me down, then a big tall man stepped through the door and said, “Put the boy down, Jeffers.”

The man give me another shake and said, “I don’t think so, McCord. This here is my business, now git on outta here!”

In one swift move Mr. McCord un-holstered the big ole gun he wore on his belt and had it jammed up ag’inst that man’s head.

“I told you to put the boy down. If you want to live to finish that bottle of whiskey you got open, do it now.”

The man dropped me and started backin’ away with his hands out in front of him.

“Oh, say now, McCord, I didn’ mean nothin’. I didn’ know they’uz with you.”

Mr. McCord holstered his gun an’ picked me up off the floor.

“You need to be careful who you pick on, Jeffers,” he said. “You never know when somebody will kill you just for bein’ stupid.”

“Now see here, McCord, you got no call…..”

“Shut up, Jeffers. I don’t need much more reason to shoot you.”

Mr. McCord took my hand an’ opened the door for Mom to walk out in front of us. As soon as we got a few steps down the sidewalk, he turned to Mom and said “What in the world do you think you’re doing? This is not a place for a woman and a child….unless you’re just looking for trouble.”

“Mr. McCord…if that’s your name, I appreciate your help, but your tone is rude and I don’t appreciate your attitude.”

“My attitude is not the problem here, Madam. I am not the one who brought a child to such a dangerous place. What were you thinking?”

Mom seemed to wilt right there in front of my eyes. She looked at me and big tears started runnin’ down her cheeks. She knelt down and started huggin’ me.

“Oh, Trey,” she said, “I’m so sorry, I had no idea.”

Mr. McCord pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to Mom. She stood up and dabbed at her eyes.

“I used to come down here with my father-in-law and it was perfectly safe. I had no idea we could be in danger. I apologize Mr. McCord.” She put out her hand and he took it after a slight hesitation.

“I’m Megan Langston and I am grateful for your assistance. If you would be so kind as to escort us to Duncan’s Livery, where I left our buggy, I will be glad to pay you.”

“No need for that, Ma’am.” He took my hand an’ without another word walked us down the side streets to the livery stable.

Salem McCord stood watching Megan Langston drive away. As the buggy turned on to Canal Street, the little boy looked back and waved. He waved until the buildings hid him from view. Salem was deep in thought when the livery-hand walked out leading his saddled horse.

“Here he be, Mistah Salem. All ready to go.”

Salem hesitated a moment then turned and said, “I’m sorry, Aaron. I have something to take care of….just turn him back into the lot ‘til I get back. No need to unsaddle, I won’t be long.”

He tossed Aaron a silver dollar, then turned and hurriedly made his way to an office building on Chartre Street. He entered and knocked on an inner door.

“Come in.”

Salem stepped through the doorway and without preamble said, “Wilson, I have a favor to ask.”

Quite intriguing, isn’t it? I thought so. Now go buy it HERE!! Please and thanks.

It’s a great book.

And as previously promised, I do have the hookup on book signings!

….And I’d like an inheritance.

I’m excited!!

19 Aug

We at Rock Dogs!! are very excited about a lot of things we have coming up!!

Get ready for lots of hot local bands!! Some of the acts we have coming in have been around for a while, and some of them are brand new…. We have LOTS of bands coming in who have never ROCKED the Rock Dogs stage, and we are excited to show them a fantastic time!! We also have some of your (and our) local favorites who call Rock Dogs their Home booked over the next few months!

If you are in a band or know of a band that would like the opportunity to play Rock Dogs!!, send us a message or have them contact us! We are booking up FAST through the end of the year, and we have a lot of exciting things planned that you will definitely NOT want to miss, including some awesome surprises!!

Please note, we are NOT closing!! We open our doors every weekend for the bands and music lovers in DFW, and there are NO plans to change that!!

As always, we want to thank our loyal patrons and the bands who work so hard to help make Rock Dogs GREAT!!


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