What’s Good About Good Friday???

4 Apr


Well, this year, it is Good ROCK Friday!!

It’s been a few months since I dedicated an entire post to a show I was working on, but I am so stupid excited about this Friday, April 6, that I felt the need to share the info and some things about each of the bands with THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

You are welcome.

This Friday, Sawed-Off Productions  and WhiskeyBoy Radio (our partner in crime) will be presenting Good Rock Friday at The Ranch Bar & Grill in Arlington, Texas.

Black Dutch Sioux will be headlining this show and I have to admit that I am in lurve with this band. Something I rarely admit is that when I REALLY like a song, I am one of those people who can listen to it on repeat. For days. In this case, it has been WEEKS. If you would like to share in my fanatical stalkerism, and I HIGHLY suggest that you do, you can check out their music on Reverbnation HERE. Their song “Filthy” happens to be my favorite thing ever in the history of the world right now, so please hurry up and go listen to it 94,867 times so that you can share in my joy.  I am so stoked to see these guys live that my head just might explode before Friday actually gets here. You should also click HERE to go find them on facebook and click that happy little like button so that you can follow them on all their awesome adventures.

My Last Nerve has undergone some lineup changes and is playing their first show in MONTHS, this time with the addition of a new lead guitarist. They have assured me that they sound even more fierce than ever. You can check them out on facebook HERE and on reverbnation HERE.

12 Gauge Warning has been around for several years now, and they just keep getting better and better. These guys put on a great live show and have an awessome stage energy. I haven’t seen them since February, so I am pretty tickled to have them on this show! You can check them out on facebook HERE and on Reverbnation HERE.

Kauztik is fairly new on the local rock scene, but they have rapidly made a name for themselves! Spawned from Over Odds, one of my favorite bands to have played Hot Licks, Kauztik knows the ropes and they are blowing up the DFW rock scene! These guys are all over the place and never disappoint when it comes to putting on a great show! I’ve been running into these guys EVERYWHERE! You can find them on facebook HERE and on Reverbnation HERE.

Aristoscat is one of my favorite local acts, and you can read what I said about them previously HERE and HERE. They are awesome, they are hilarious, and they wear suits and dresses. I believe I have previously said that I am pretty sure they are the dapperly dressed love children of Desi Arnaz and Scott Ian. If I didn’t, then I am now. If I did, then I meant it then too! These folks have gone through some lineup changes and their new bass player is not only HILARIOUS, he is also brave enough to “Go John Wayne on a pony hating son of a bitch!” Oh, and he also fits insanely well with Aristoscat’s very original style. Go check them out on facebook HERE and Reverbnation HERE.

As if the Rockin’ Ass lineup was not exciting enough by itself, there will be a gagantinormous annoucement made at this show that will set the Texas live music scene on its ear. (How DOES something get set on its ear? I mean, if I am ON my ear, then I am laying down, which means I probably got knocked over.) Okay, so get yourselves out to the Ranch, which is located at 701 106th Street in Arlington. While you are waiting for all that greatness, go watch for fun things from Sawed-Off Productions, WhiskeyBoy Radio, and The Music Enthusiast. Do it. You will be glad you did.

See you Friday!!!!!!!!

P.s… I am totally offering up open mouth kisses from WhiskeyBoy himself for everyone who buys me a drink. Or I will protect you from his mouth fungi. Your choice.

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