Axing Quershions: WhiskeyBoy Edition

20 Mar

As I mentioned in my last post, where I interviewed Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast himself, I am doing a series of interviews with people who are Behind The Scenes, so to say, in the music industry and specifically in the music scene local to DFW. I have interviews lined up with several people, and I am very excited about having the opportunity to give everyone a behind the scenes look at how things really happen.

Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from Matt “WhiskeyBoy” Blake asking if I wanted to call in on his show that night and interview him live on his podcast. I have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating almost on a daily basis that Sawed-Off Productions has teamed up with WhiskeyBoy Radio AND The Music Enthusiast to put together a fantabulous series of showcases throughout the summer. Because of all these things, because WhiskeyBoy Radio puts a lot of time and energy into local music, and because I thought it might be fun to put Mr. Blake on the spot, I agreed.

Now doesn’t that look like a stellar example of what a professional introduction to a very business-like interview should be?

I hope so, because that is about as straight edge as it gets…..

So what happened was….

Actually, I am not sure what happened. Things could have started sliding in a downward spiral when I asked my early morning facebook fans for assistance with interview ideas, or when I asked my bestie to help… OR it could have been when I asked Tank Turner for assistance with interview questions.

Whatever the catalyst… It was most certainly a fun, insightful, and interesting interview. I listened to the show all the way through a couple of times with the intention of transcribing a couple of the questions and answers, but I found that the most interesting answers… AND questions were not suitable to print here without losing the spirit. . . . Or without having my blog censored.

I CAN, however, tell you that we discussed everything from his full history in DFW local rock to his true feelings about warm apple pie and where his soul seems to have gone.

The whole show was great, so go clicky-click and listen to me being all Barbara Walters-y. I couldn’t make this shit up, y’all.

I was going to link to a picture of the WhiskeyBoy Radio Logo right here so everyone could click on it and everyone could go hear the interview and the WhiskeyBoy Radio show in its entirety. Instead, you can click on all these pretty letters and go check it out.

Also, go click on all the links earlier in the post and go “LIKE” everyone on facebook.

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