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8 Mar

That’s me, in case no one else knew that. I’ve been busy, blah blah blah…. I know, I don’t even believe it myself.

Here’s the past 6 weeks, in super fast motion–

had a great birthday show-thank you, thank you, thank you-saw somewhere around 25 bands-job search-margaritas-booking-promoting-probably another 5 bands-margaritas-one bad singer-margaritas-job search-great friends-deep ellum-energy drinks

Here's a Bonus Photo of me seeing a band. In case anyone didn't believe me.

Some of that was pretty exciting, but I actually have MORE exciting news to share, so I am going to skip all that!!!

It’s already been announced elsewhere, but Sawed-Off Productions (that’s me!) is teaming up with WhiskeyBoy (That’s my friend Matt) and The Music Enthusiast (that’s the awesome Jordan) to bring you some FANTASTIC showcases!! Keep your eyes open for Sawed-Off Productions and WhiskeyBoy Radio Present The Music Enthusiast Showcase Featuring….

Yeah, we’ll tell you who later!

I CAN tell you that there will be showcases all over the metroplex, beginning in May, with shows in June and July, leading up to a HUGE show in August…

oh, yes… This does get better!!! I am mega stoked to be a part of Broadcasting for Boobies, benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to be held at The Ranch in Arlington on August 3 and 4, 2012. This is going to be a big one!! Not only is it for a great cause (I am VERY fond of my boobies), both nights will be EPIC musical lineups! I can’t remember if the full lineup has been publicly released yet, and since I hear it is rude to call or text people in the middle of the night just because one happens to be hyped up on energy drinks and fully intends to sleep all day, I will have to come back and update with that information once I get the go-ahead.


I know, pretty awesome, huh? Even better would be for you to go clicky-click all those pretty pink links up there and go like my friends on facebook. They are actually just as cool, if not cooler than I am, and they will be releasing information about all this fantabulousness sometimes even before I do.

Clearly. It took me weeks to update this blog. Go follow them. They are also hilarious. And sexy.

p.s… if you are down for some hilarious reading… Click HERE.

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