D’s Quershions….

9 May

Lots of stuff has been going on and I got distracted by many shiny objects, and so what happened was…

I haven’t been posting.

You CAN, however, see what I have been up to by checking out RYA Entertainment Group!!!

Anyway, Deanna is a band manager and all-around promo girl here in DFW… Here’s a pic of the two of us together:


Here is her take on local music and a few other crazy things!!



What first made you want to get involved in music? it’s the only thing that made me feel sane

What was your first concert? the 1st concert i remember was the Nixons…funny story…my friend left his ID at home so we had to watch from outside the fence. it was between 2 buildings in deep ellum…the back of the stage was to the fence & Zac saw us all standing out there after his set…made a point to talk to us over the fence…and i asked Zac Malloy if i could have his shoes…

Best concert? all of them

Worst concert? there was this one time at Billy Bob’s where this country legend could not finish a song to save his life…but i won’t say it was the worst…just the hardest to sing to

Who are some of your favorite mainstream bands? really? you asking moi the next 2 questions…have you lost yer damn mind, woman? mainstream? is TOOL & Ministry mainstream? Rob Zombie…because i am the sickest bubblegum & a living dead girl AFI Finger 11 ooh ooh… i freakin love, LoVe, LOVE Flo Rida, Ludacris, Pharell, LL Cool J, Pink & Maroon 5 Jesse Dayton & the Hard Chargers…or Jesse in Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures… i swear to peaches, one day i will have an october show with him & the mistress there and i can never leave out…BOWING FOR SOUP

Who are some of your favorite local DFW bands? well… FLICKERSTICK will always have my heart…my broken heart since they are no longer…did i mention i have both versions of “Welcoming Home The Astronauts” & the 1st edition is signed?  (Brandin Lea, go pay your tab at the Wild Rooster if you have not done so…) BOWLING FOR SOUP Revengeance Deaf Angel Waiting for Tim The Rocky Lott band Foggy Posse Opium Symphony Kennedy (& not just because my home skillets are in this band…because they absolutely rock my hype-r socks!) Messer Rabbit’s Got the Gun Joey Green Secret of Boris Pulse Faded Grace Red Angel Theory EoI P-town Skanks there are a lot, LOT more but i am sure katie was not going for the longest interview record here (you should all be hApPy because i properly capitalized your names…i think)

Do you have any musical talents? Instruments? Singing? Do you play the spoons? i have maracas!? oh, oh… does the sound a jello shot makes when it comes out of the cup count as music? noooot really any talent that i know of, no one ever said “girl, your car singing voice is amazing!” so i figured it wasn’t…that is why i play the management/personality game

How long have you been active in the local music scene? professionally about 3 years free labor for my friend’s bands…about 15 years

What prompted you to get involved in local music? my friend’s bands… i seem to mesh well with the band folk

What prompted you to get involved with booking, promo and management?

Waking Alice Brandon (soon to be “A Cold Tomorrow” Brandon…)duct taped me to his rig in their jam room & played Rush music til i said i would help them…i lasted 2 songs… i have an awesome head for business & that was the best way for me to ride around in vans without being called a groupie

How many shows would you say you have seen? 211 give or take

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Boy shorts? clean….and anti granny panty i keep my sh*t classy

What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone you didn’t like?

well….i took their sprinkler heads off, put dish soap in & screwed SOME of them back on…the rest i threw over a fence… i drew little smiley faces all over the car windshield with toothpaste i burned a few articles of ugly clothing i koolaid dyed a white teddy bear blue i saran wrapped a van i drank the orange juice out of the container, put it back in the fridge & didn’t tell anyone. i also threw away the old food in the fridge… followed by organizing the storage containers & then recycled the ones that didn’t have lids… oooh wait…YOU SAID SOMEONE I DIDN’T LIKE…my bad

What was the best show you ever put together? Rabbit’s Got the Gun…twice The Trailer Trash Bash featuring Thunderosa The most morally rewarding show was The Hope for Tiny hearts benefit featuring Scott Copeland, Rocky Lott Band & Crossing Texas

The worst? any day doing shows is better than being stuck at a regular job…the end

Where do you see TX Hype Girl going in the next year? Five years?

ummm, follow me on foursquare…. in the next year…to a tattoo parlor to get some ink i would also like to have my hot little hands in partnership with a clothing company in some way shape or form…i have ideas that i would like to see in fabric

in the next 5 years…everywhere!

  What is one thing you wish would change about the local scene here in DFW? how far i have to drive to get home i am just hoping the future includes a crash pad in the vicinity of deep ellum

What is one thing you hope NEVER changes? that i get to be a part of it

Do you like sushi? absofreakinlutely…well, most of it…i don’t eat food with tentacles…

What do you do with what little spare time you have outside of seeing shows, writing,promoting, managing & booking? spare time? bwahahahaha….in my spare time i work while watchin netflix & drinking well Svedka or Sailor Jerry’s…

Do you have any upcoming shows you want to, as we say at Sawed-Off Productions, WHORE out??? um, is this a trick question???

April 24th at Tomcats West…Affiance in a Deaf Angel & Revengeance sandwich…this show is going to A-freakin-mazing!!!

Deaf Angel May 5th at Hat Tricks


Waiting For Tim May 5th  at Six Flags

Revengeance April 18th Acoustic at Boiler Room

April 13th Rocky Lott Band at Cutting Horse

May 5th Rocky Lott band pulls double duty…Mayfest 2-5 pm & Schooner’s 10-2

Are you aware that sometimes you are absolutely hilarious?

well considering i want to be a stand up comedian someday when i grow up…and my netflix queue is full of stand up…no…i really don’t find me very amusing at all…as a matter of fact me & myself had a talk about that last night…

How the hell did you get hooked up with Sawed-Off Productions? awww hell…do i really have to say it? facebook…

If you had a super power, what would it be? i like to think i have all kinds of super powers did you know i spit glitter? but if you mean a real one…then i would fly bc gas is just too damn expensive & it is probably good exercise…

How did you first discover what a donkey show is? you mean like Shrek? or Hee Haw?

Links to all of your pages???

how about SOME of my web sites









How much money would it take to get you to act as manager, publicist, and drinking babysitter for both Katie Boyd and Matt Blake? both of you???? a LOT…buy a lottery ticket…oh, there would have to be life insurance involved and a car with driver because you 2 look like kickers


…..And there you have it, folks!!

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