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Thank You, Jeff Rains

28 Mar

I already know that before anyone even reads this entire post, I am going to receive 9,487 messages and comments telling me to drop the RAINS thing.

Before I even start into what I actually have to say, let me get this out there. I challenge you to find anywhere that I have actually shared my side of the story, or even made anything but the most vague comments. I haven’t, so if you are going to be mad, then just stop reading now, because I am about to share my side of the story.

First of all, I have never even so much as spoken to Jeff Rains. In fact, the only interaction we have had was when I texted him the phone number for my attorney, who he rapidly found out was very, very real. The things that happened at the RAINS show at the Ranch were unfortunate, but at no point did I even come into contact with any of the actual band members. All of my interaction was with his management team. The entire situation was something that actually could have been worked out behind the scenes, but Mr. Rains opted to make personal attacks against me in comments he made on a website and also via twitter.

It would appear that his little feelers got hurt because an Internet Entertainment Mogul opted to very publicly state his opinions about the actual performance that RAINS attempted to make that night. THEN, on top of that, a very well-respected local Music Blogger shared his opinion that the show was certainly sub-par.

Because he seems to be unable to accept any kind of criticism, constructive or otherwise, Jeff Rains opted to lash out at me.


His management team and booking agent advised me that I would be blacklisted and would never be able to book another show.

He made a public statement that every local band on the show called me a “complete waste of human space.” That one might be my favorite, if for no other reason than every single one of those bands is working with me on future bookings.

Then he had the great idea to make angry statements about me in a public forum.

He referred to me as “tubby” via twitter, and at that point I knew he was out of things to say. Let me explain something to you, sweetheart, I have never been a small girl, and you aren’t breaking any news to anyone. In fact, all you are doing is announcing to the world that you hav e nothing else relevant to say.

Here’s the only relevant thing I have left to say:


Thank you for all the free publicity.

Thank you for prompting people and bands to approach me and show incredible support in wanting to work on my projects.

Thank you for making the line between what to do and what not to do in any given situation very, very clear.

Thank you for the free web traffic from your tween fans in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who have provided us with even more free publicity, although I would suggest that they spend more time studying and less time listening to your music, as the spelling and grammar in the responses we received was atrocious.

Thank you for showing us that auto-tune does have its place in the studio. Had it not been for your well-produced album, Matt Blake and Jordan Buford would have had no interest in you, they would not have been present at that show, and I would not have the honor and privilege to be booking and promoting Sawed-Off Productions shows with WhiskeyBoy Radio and The Music Enthusiast. Thanks to you, I have been granted the opportunity to work with two incredibly talented individuals, both of whom I am proud and honored to call my friends.

P.s… I hear several people are still waiting on an email detailing exactly how horrible I was to you personally and why I am a terrible person.

Axing Quershions: WhiskeyBoy Edition

20 Mar

As I mentioned in my last post, where I interviewed Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast himself, I am doing a series of interviews with people who are Behind The Scenes, so to say, in the music industry and specifically in the music scene local to DFW. I have interviews lined up with several people, and I am very excited about having the opportunity to give everyone a behind the scenes look at how things really happen.

Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from Matt “WhiskeyBoy” Blake asking if I wanted to call in on his show that night and interview him live on his podcast. I have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating almost on a daily basis that Sawed-Off Productions has teamed up with WhiskeyBoy Radio AND The Music Enthusiast to put together a fantabulous series of showcases throughout the summer. Because of all these things, because WhiskeyBoy Radio puts a lot of time and energy into local music, and because I thought it might be fun to put Mr. Blake on the spot, I agreed.

Now doesn’t that look like a stellar example of what a professional introduction to a very business-like interview should be?

I hope so, because that is about as straight edge as it gets…..

So what happened was….

Actually, I am not sure what happened. Things could have started sliding in a downward spiral when I asked my early morning facebook fans for assistance with interview ideas, or when I asked my bestie to help… OR it could have been when I asked Tank Turner for assistance with interview questions.

Whatever the catalyst… It was most certainly a fun, insightful, and interesting interview. I listened to the show all the way through a couple of times with the intention of transcribing a couple of the questions and answers, but I found that the most interesting answers… AND questions were not suitable to print here without losing the spirit. . . . Or without having my blog censored.

I CAN, however, tell you that we discussed everything from his full history in DFW local rock to his true feelings about warm apple pie and where his soul seems to have gone.

The whole show was great, so go clicky-click and listen to me being all Barbara Walters-y. I couldn’t make this shit up, y’all.

I was going to link to a picture of the WhiskeyBoy Radio Logo right here so everyone could click on it and everyone could go hear the interview and the WhiskeyBoy Radio show in its entirety. Instead, you can click on all these pretty letters and go check it out.

Also, go click on all the links earlier in the post and go “LIKE” everyone on facebook.

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