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i’m hardcore…

6 Jul

Or so they tell me.

Jilly Jill gave up early on us last night. And by early, I mean that she was back at the hotel and in bed by, oh, about 10 pm. I’m glad I’m not a day walker.

We got to go to the Dive Bar yesterday, which was spiffy because the bartender remembered us from last time and she’s fun. They had a live acoustic act there last night, and he wasn’t very good. Well, that’s rather rude. What I mean is that he definitely had a Texas Country style and voice without knowing he was Texas Country, which made for a rather awkward show.

So we left.

Kunuu and WG and I went to Blue Jean Blues just down the street. I love that place. I was probably born about 50 years too late. They also had the greatest pizza I have ever eaten. YUM.

We also went to the Elbo Room, because we seem to be drawn there. We had one beer and went to Blondie’s next door, which is also a fun place.

We were back on the beach sometime between 5 and 6 am, watching the sunrise while Kunuu napped in the sand.

He woke up when we buried him up to his knees in sand. . . . which I am sure was probably a pretty confusing way to wake up.

I love the beach in the morning; it is such a calming and peaceful place.

Ah… now it’s off to Primanti Brothers for one hell of a tasty sammich.

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