RYA Celebs????

10 Apr

So I was prompted by a conversation with Jordan and Matt to look up our celebrity look-alikes…. Actually, here it is.

This started it all.

Since Matt was very concerned about looking like Jay Leno and had threatened to leave the interwebs once and for all, I decided to check. Here are the results:

WhiskeyBoy Blake

No Jay Leno here...

Jordan-Tron 5000

This one was my favorite.

 The One and Only Fluffy

I don't see it.

So, there you have it. If you think you see Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Drew Barrymore at a local rock show, it is probably one of the RYA crew.  By the way, you probably need to go check out RYA Entertainment Group and then go “like” us on facebook.

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