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14 Sep

Most of you probably already know that I am a little bit neurotic and compulsive and weird.

I’d like to think that most of you also have a little bit of that going on as well. (If not, we’ll pretend, okay??)

As part of my attempt to battle a chest cold, I’ve spent several hours today at the computer, doing lots of important work watching music videos on YouTube, drinking Gatorade and TheraFlu, and reading emails.

I watched a few videos from the VMAs last night…. Let’s talk about Lady GaGa’s dress while I am thinking about it….

I really like the one on the far right... Although it took two men to get her out of her chair...

Of course, I’m digressing, and what I was really getting at is this…

There are some songs out there I can listen to REPEATEDLY. I mean over and over and over….. Here’s the first one:

Let’s hope that my YouTube posting works. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with Beyonce this week.

Then there’s this:

I love this band. I love this song. I love the bass line. I think the lyrics are really cute. This song will stick in your head for days. I love it. I’ve listened to it approximately 9 times while I have been writing.

Please tell me the rest of you do this too… the repetition thing?

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