A Day In The Life….

5 Jun

I have been seeing a lot of posts lately about how promoters make far more money than they should be when they book bands and how promoters should not be making any money off bands and various incarnations of those ideas….

I thought about it, and while I know what my peers and I do on a daily basis, I doubt most “normal” folks do, so here’s a rundown of a “normal” day for me.

I wake up, potty, brush my teeth, feed my cat, then I stumble through the house to my “office” to start my day. Along the way, I will usually stop in the kitchen and grab a protein bar and energy drink. I log in, in order, to facebook, reverbnation, twitter, my 3 email accounts, my calendar, and various organizational apps and sites that I use.

I check emails, I respond to questions about booking and promotions ranging from what time load-in might be to where the venue is located and what set times are to drink specials and who is bartending. I check in with the band we manage and usually send out an update email to my partners.

I check up on bands I have booked on shows to see if any band members are sick or injured, and if the band is promoting the show they are booked on.

By this time, I have usually managed to consume both the protein bar and the energy drink and I am prepared to actually SPEAK to people.

Throughout the afternoon, I will follow up on phone calls and emails from other booking agents and promoters, venue owners and managers, band management, bands looking to book, bands already booked, bands seeking management, the bands we actually manage, promoters I am working with on shows, my partners in crime, live sound engineers, recording engineers, my grandmother, and the occasional interview for a “real” job.

In the event that I am working closely with another promoter or venue manager, that can entail several phone calls per day.

Also, as a part of the TorchCast  on WhiskeyBoy Radio, I spend a few hours a week looking for, researching, and creating podcast content, and several hours bossing people around and begging for a sidekick/assistant.

In between all this, I am checking calendars for other promoters, other local venues, national concerts, school schedules, holidays, and band schedules. 

At this point, I will usually get up, do some housework, grab another protein bar and another energy drink and get back to “work.”

Evenings are usually consumed with phone calls with venue folks and preparation for any variety of things.

On a show day, or a day on which I have a show booked as Sawed-Off Productions, RYA Entertainment Group, or both, I get ready to go out and head to the venue so that everything will be ready to go and has been coordinated with everyone at the venue before load-in, which is usually 6 pm. I will stay at the show, or between shows that might be booked, until the last band loads out, which means at least a 9 hour day just IN the venue.

On weekend nights when I do NOT have a show booked, I like to make it a point to get out and network. I try to get out and see bands that I know and like, as well as bands that have been recommended to me by friends or peers, and I often try to stop by shows put on by friends in the industry. I scout new bands, meet other promoters, meet band members, catch up with musicians I haven’t seen, meet venue management, and leave promo material everywhere I go.

If I’m lucky, the show or shows I was at happen to be in Deep Ellum, and I can have breakfast at Cafe Brazil, where I load up on more caffeine for the hour-plus drive home.

Once I get home, which can be anywhere from 3 am to 5 am, I scan the social networks to see what people have to say about the shows that just happened, as well as to promote for any upcoming shows I might have.

By this point, it is somewhere around 6 am, so I go to bed…. Hoping that no one calls me before noon.

That, however, is a rarity, and I am usually up by around 10 am.

I absolutely, 100%, thoroughly and completely love what I do, and I think I have the best life there is… .

But you might want to think twice before you want to say I don’t DESERVE to be paid for the work I do.


2 Responses to “A Day In The Life….”

  1. Debbi Mulliniks Boyd June 5, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    And you don’t spend near enough time with your Mom!!!! I love you!!!

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