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22 Jun

On everything!!!

Let’s see… Iron Maiden was a pretty good show, although I didn’t know much of what they played until about the LAST FOUR SONGS. I felt silly until some of my FAR more musically experienced fellow concert-goers were complaining as well. I CAN say that Bruce Dickinson looks pretty stinkin’ good for however old he is.
Here’s a picture so you can all agree with me…
Bruce Dickinson

After we left Dallas, we booked it Nascar Style back to Fort Worth and Sam’s Trouble to see Cockpit. They are always a lot of fun and a good show….

WhiskeyDick was a lot of fun the next night, as usual. They will be back at Sam’s Trouble with me behind the bar this Thursday, June 24. You should all be there. Just sayin’.

This past Wednesday, June 16, we saw Joey C Jones (Sweet Savage) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses) at Trees in Dallas. It was a lot of fun…. I just love Deep Ellum; the buildings are all full of character. I DO hate driving down there, or even trying to navigate for someone else with GPS in hand. It scares me.

I’ve had some crazy days, but I waited too long between posts to have anything really great to tell….

OH, except I discovered that it REALLY IS Illegal to have drinks in a bar after 2:15 am in the state of Texas. I found out the hard way…… And they made me cry, even. I won’t be doing that again.

I went this past Friday afternoon to take Denise at Sam’s Trouble a couple boxes of match books… and left at midnight…. Drunk and with a new tattoo. I know better, but I really like this one and had been thinking about it for a while.

New School Tattoo

This is Jesse at New School Tattoo, and yes, I AM wearing pajamas.

Newest Addition, note the horseshoe and ladybugs I had added for my grandfathers.

It took me a couple of days to recover from that one, since I have “friends” who felt the need to slap me on the leg. I’ll be ready to get it colored in within a week or two.

I had it together enough to make it over to see Ball & Chain at Rock Dogs on Saturday night, and they sounded AWESOME. It’s always a good feeling to see good friends rock the stage.

The upcoming week, of course, has lots of fun things going on! Wednesday and Thursday I will be working at Sam’s Trouble, so please come see me and donate to the “Katie Desperately Needs Two New TiresĀ  Fund” … And Thursday night we will have WhiskeyDick playing! Friday night at Rock Dogs we have Sedated with China Kills Girls & The Swingin’ Dicks. . .. Saturday is Broken Teeth, and Sunday is 2 Choices with WhiskeyDick! Next Monday I will rest again. WHEW!!!

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