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always an adventure….

5 Jul

We have already established that I can’t do anything in a regular, boring, normal people kind of way. . . . And this trip is no exception.

Jill, who ROCKS, booked a trip to Fort Lauderdale (Yes, AGAIN) for July 3-10 for herself, me, and Warren. WOO HOO!!! I love Fort Lauderdale.

I got up Saturday morning, did my packing, went to work, had a few drinks with my friends to relax a bit before the flight, and off to the airport we went. Upon arrival, we were advised that our flight was delayed by two hours. Yeah. So we did what any regular drunk would do- we went and sat in a bar until it was time to go. We had some drinks, we had some dinner, and we boarded our plane.

This is where it gets fun.

We found our seats, which were all together, and the row behind us had one lady in it, so we asked her if I could sit back there so everyone would have lots of room. She said it was no problem, so I sat down, buckled myself in, and was looking out the window when this very tall, very serious, very brown man came to the back of the plane and asked Jill and me to come with him.

So we did.

He asked us both if we had been drinking, we both admitted we’d had some drinks since our flight was delayed, and because I get REALLY nervous. Then he asked us if we were on any medication…. um, yeah. Albuterol for asthma. He told Jill she could return to her seat, and as soon as she crossed into the plane, they slammed the door and I was escorted back to a ticket counter, where I was issued a voucher for a flight at 08:20 the NEXT MORNING. He also told me I was free to come and go, and that I could go out and smoke and come right back in.

So I went out, I smoked a cigarette, and tried to waltz right back through security. THEY WOULDN’T LET ME. Apparently the voucher wasn’t good enough to clear security, so I had to spent the next 6 hours outside of ticketing, waiting for the ticket counters and security to re-open at 04:30.

blah blah blah….

Twelve hours after I was removed from my flight, I was back on a plane headed for Fort Lauderdale.

About the incident….. I was NOT beligerant, I was not loud, I was not obnoxious. Jill says my eyes were a bit glassy, but I wasn’t being a nuisance to anyone. Warren says I was being perfectly well behaved. I wasn’t given any reason as to why I was removed, and I’ve never heard of this happening before. I’m most certain it had NOTHING to do with my first class white trash tee shirt and all my tattoos showing… Just sayin’.

When I FINALLY got to Fort Lauderdale I was ecstatic!! I’ve never been so happy to see my friends.

Last night we did a bit of bar hopping, starting with The Deck (My Favorite!!!) and moving along to the Tropic Cay, The Pirate Bar (where I got a BAD ASS Shirt that has a pink skull and Pirate Princess on the front), The Elbo Room, and probably some other places I’ve since forgotten.

For my facebook followers, the snide comment about the bish at the bar was about this drunk fat chick (only nice people are fluffy), who felt the need to come up to me while Jill and I were dancing and tell me that she just REALLY needed to let me know that there were people making fun of me and that she didn’t want to see me end up on youtube. Like I care, I probably won’t see ANY of these people again. She finally succeeded in making me so angry that I just retreated to the bar and had another beer and a shot. She actually had the nerve to go up to Jill and tell her she would never have made fun of HER and that Jill was welcome to come hang out with her.


At least I’m smart enough to KNOW I’m a big girl and not to wear booty shorts that let my butt hang out.

Just Sayin’.

We had a BLAST on the beach with the fireworks and some beers. There really is nothing like watching fireworks over the ocean. AWESOME!!!!!!

I’m not sure where we ate dinner last night, but it was DELICIOUS. Good choice in restaurants, WG.

It’s time to go wash all the sand out of my ears, hair, nose, and other nooks and crannies, but I will make a point to check back in soon!!!

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