A Crap-Ton of Unsolicited Advice…

17 Mar

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, far away…

Okay, this is already a lie.

A few years ago, right flippin’ here, there lived a princess who didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

There we go.

Not too terribly long ago, I had a bad problem with knowing what to say publicly and what not to say.  I was prone to taking one side of whatever story I was being TOLD and running with it, running my mouth and attacking people without even double checking the veracity of anything.

Then I got a boss who managed to muzzle my loud self and I started engaging that brain-to-mouth filter.

I’m still an insanely opinionated person, which is something to which anyone who knows me can attest. I have learned to pick my battles and to do my research before I open my mouth about things. It helps.

Lately, I have noticed an insane number of people who THINK they know what is going on in a given situation and they acquire verbal diarrhea, saying things that are going to come back and not only bite them in the ass, but will likely chew the whole thing off.

Shut up, y’all.

Now, all that being said, I need to run my mouth a bit.

Of course.

First of all, an opinion is just that, an opinion. We all have them, so people need to stop getting all booty-hurt when someone says something they don’t like.

Second, and this is what actually prompted this post, and it is something I firmly believe in. . . . It’s my OPINION. So there.

I encourage, and always have encouraged musicians, bands, artists, etc, to diversify.

Promoters, venues, “radio” people, this one is for you.


I have always encouraged any and all bands who have played any of my shows, be it under Sawed-Off Productions, or even back in the Hot Licks / Rock Dogs days, to play anywhere they can and want to play. I’m not advising anyone to play too often, as that hurts your draw, but playing varied venues with a variety of bands on shows that are well-spaced is the BEST way to build your draw. Other bands’ fans will see you and like your show, and you are far more likely to build a new fan base.

I’ve also recently noticed lately that there are a lot of people with local music radio shows or podcasts. These, too, are an awesome tool for bands to build their names. However, there is NO REASON for any of these “show hosts” to think that they have exclusive rights to any one band. There is no reason for anyone on the promotional side of local music to think that they have any kind of rights to ANY band, actually, unless they are label/management and there are contracts in place.

All of us who are claiming to support local music need to drop some egos and do just that. Some of you are clearly new to all this, so here’s my piece of unsolicited advice, which will probably be accepted as such and completely ignored. Whatevs, here you go…

If all of us loud-mouthed idiots would work together, then the promo efforts we are all doing separately would have a lot more reach. I like to be everyone’s best friend. Although I recently began collaborating with WhiskeyBoy Radio and The Music Enthusiast on booking shows all over DFW, their podcasts, live broadcasts and blogs are NOT the only ones I visit (even if I am a little partial to them). Just in the past week, I have done call-ins on 4 different shows to promote things that are coming up, and not all of them are even Sawed-Off Productions shows.  

I will be the first to admit that I did not figure out very much of this mess on my own and that I have learned a ridiculous amount just from sitting back, watching, listening, and asking questions from my peers, and sometimes even my “competition.”

So there. Stop carrying around pockets full of tiny back stabby knives and let’s all work together, shall we?

Now that I feel better, go to the bottom of this page and clicky-click on the “stalk me” button so you can follow my posts. It will be worth it. I will be posting some HILARIOUS exclusive interviews with both Matt “WhiskeyBoy” Blake and Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast.

Also, as a bonus because it’s been in my head ever since I typed the words “booty hurt,” here. YOU ARE WELCOME.


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