Working Girls…

21 Oct

Ever since Hot Licks closed, actually even before, I have been job hunting like a MANIAC. For the past week, one of my besties, Becky, and I have been joining forces and job hunting together.

Yesterday we had an interview in PLANO, which, for my out of town readers, is over an hour away from where I live. After being offered the job, with a minimum of $300 per week with commission, we gathered outfits and comfy shoes to fit dress code.

This morning, we were up by 7:30 (This is a REALLY big deal for me. Becky was actually up at about 6:30, I believe), we got dressed in our cute knife-selling outfits, and off we went for our first day of “work.”

This is where I should interject that the “job” we were undertaking was doing knife demonstrations in Sam’s Clubs around the metroplex. Sounds easy, and it should have been… We were going to be this guy:

*except with cuter outfits!!!

So we got to the Sam’s Club to meet with the lady who was to train us. We had already had our coffee and had an hour drive to be really good and awake. Here’s what we looked like this morning…


So this lady who was supposed to train us was slow. And scatterbrained. And annoying.

I have patience. A lot of it.

I spent the last couple of years dealing with tipsy party-goers. I got this.

The sales technique requires following a script to a “T.”

Miss Ma’am couldn’t do this, even after four months of practice.

I was irritated, but slightly amused.

I knew Becky had been pushed too far when she made reference to stabbing herself in the neck. With a straw.

At this point, I made a facebook post accepting wagers on how long she would last in the same building with this crazy lady…

I had made my bet for 1 pm.

She tried.

We were out of there at 12:30.

We just told Ms. Ginsu that we were going for a walk to put away our lunches and smoke…

That was two hours ago.

Who wants to take bets on how long she will look for us???

….and is anyone hiring? I mean the hourly kind of employment, not the $5 per set of knives kind….


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