Zombies. Pinup Models. STP. Moose Drool.

23 Aug

Yeah, my life is pretty exciting like that.


I am going to make the usual excuse about not blogging because life has been VERY VERY BUSY, but that would be a lie. Kind of. I am mostly just VERY VERY LAZY.

Anyway, the past week has actually been pretty exciting, so I thought I would share. Not that any of you care, but mostly so that when I am old and can’t remember anything, I can look back and read this stuff and say, “WOW!! That girl was FUN!!”


So anyway, last week I got to go see Stone Temple Pilots. I love them. Like a lot. And I hadn’t had a concert fix since February, so it was ultra-awesome.

Here’s a picture.


We also got to go all VIP, but that mostly just meant that we were able to SIT down, and as per my previous statement, I am lazy, and getting to sit down was nice.

So yeah. It was a good show.

And then…… Sunday we were asked to host a show called “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”


Really, it was.

People showed up in zombie costumes; one guy was in a straight jacket. There were pinup models and vendors selling everything from zombie shirts to pasties.

Oh, and blood wrestling.

Here are some photos:

Boo-Lesque Dancers!

Zombie Thriller

Blood Wrestling!!! (It was totally Chocolate and Strawberry Syrups......)


It was a fun night. And I’m a lucky girl…


I did this to my hair:


Thanks to Bastardos de Sancho for the photos, although they don’t know yet that I swiped them. Also thanks to my sidekick bartender Megan for hooking it up on the eye shadow!!


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