Elebenty Reasons I Love The 3 J’s Lake House.

17 Aug

I was going to assign myself a specific number of things to list in this post, but I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, so I chose elebenty since it is obviously a very large number, but it’s also not specific.

Since I work all the way through regular-people weekends, I don’t get to enjoy regular fun days off like most of my regular day walker friends. I DO, however, have the joy of taking a mini-vacation most Sundays when I go to visit my bestie Jason and his two roommates, both of whom happen to be named John.

Hence the name 3 Js Lake House.

Brilliant, I know.

So here are the reasons I love visiting them:

Stabby lives with them. She brings love and she is mega cute.


Meet Stabby

Stabby’s dad tells me that her name is actually “Rascal,” but I have called her Stabby for a long time and she answers to that name, so I guess it’s whatever, right???

My cell phone BARELY works out there, which means I really can’t take phone calls from people asking me to do things. I actually can’t really talk to anyone who isn’t present, which is fabulous. Actually, the only reason it would be NOT fabulous is if the 3 Js decided to try to chop me up into little pieces and I would not be able to call for help, so let’s hope that they don’t decide to try to do that.

They make tasty drinks. They make tasty ALCOHOLIC drinks, which is actually WAY better. And even better than that is that they make drinks that look like this:

Yeah. I’m a lucky girl to have friends like this, right?? But yeah, it gets even better…..

The snacks look like this:


Also, my friend Jason does cool things like plus his iPhone into his surround sound system and makes the whole building feel like there is a massive thunderstorm overhead even though we all know that it has rained like a half of one millimeter in this area in the past 6 months. But we pretend.

And I sleep REALLY well out there.

Like 13 hours straight.

And THEY LET ME. Because I’m cool.

Or something.

I had a lot more reasons… but I can’t think of all of them… Mostly I don’t have to DO anything. Like even make my own plate.


I may have to add to this, because I swear I really had elebenty nice things to write. Like a good review.

If you ever get invited out for a sleepover, you should definitely go. Unless you don’t like snacks. or movies. Or fun things.



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