In Case You Were Wondering…

14 Aug

What my plans are for today…

And since they happen to be what I like to think are interesting plans…

Well, I suppose I will go ahead and share them.

Hi, Mom, here’s what I am going to do today:

I am going to go to the grocery store. I need to replace Sid’s cheese dogs since I ate all of them. (Misti, if you happen to read this, I swear I am not a regular hot dog eater and that I will not be developing gout any time soon.) I also think I will get some fruit and more vegetables to go with my fresh spinach.

Funny thing about spinach, actually, Mom (and public schools) tried for years to get me to eat that nasty slimy crap that comes out of cans… You know, the spinach with all the vitamins cooked out and with all the preservatives to ensure that none of the nasty sliminess is lost… All anyone ever had to do was feed me FRESH spinach.

Amazing, I know.

Who’da thunk it???

Anyway, after what I intend to be a full-on grocery store adventure (I intend to, ah, leave seekrit messages in the bananas as well), it should be nap time.

After nap time, I am going to get dressed and act like a normal human being so I can accompany one friend to meet another (I’m all match maker-y today too.) and my dear friend Jason doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to play beauty shop and he is going to help me make my hair all KINDS of fun colors.


And then I am going to eat junk food and hope it storms overnight.

And you??? What are you doing today???


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