Here, Bunny Bunny Bunny….

6 Aug

I don’t even know how to begin this blog except to just say that my Mom and Nana have rabbits in their backyard. We’ve all always enjoyed watching wildlife (it’s far more common in small town Oklahoma than it is here!!) and Mom posted some photos of bunnies and birds that were in the yard…. Here’s the first photo

After I viewed and commented on her photos, Mom and I had the following chat, which CRACKED ME UP!!!

Report · 05:21
Your bunny pictures
I’m pretty funny

Report · 05:22
yeppers you are… you didn’t hear about the humongous whte bunny that was out roaming the neighborhood?

Report · 05:22
Like Easter Bunny huge or just a very large bunny???
Was he terrorizing people???

Report · 05:23
well, I was sitting out on the back porch and saw what I thought was a small sheep
out in the alley

Report · 05:23

Report · 05:23
this was one ginormous rabbit

Report · 05:24
How tall are we talking???

Report · 05:24
he was at least as big as a basketball

Report · 05:24
Where did he go?
Was that the only time you saw him?
Had you been drinking?

Report · 05:24
have no idea…. some of the neighbors were chasing him down the alley the last time I saw him
nope, nope, he was around for a couple of weeks

Report · 05:25
oh, no…. Maybe they had rabbit stew… How old were the neighbors?

Report · 05:25
around my age

Report · 05:25
Had THEY been drinking?

Report · 05:26
yeppers, I don’t think so, he was pretty fast!
Beth was here when he was around

Report · 05:26
That’s crazy. So was he just, like, really fat, or athletically huge?>

Report · 05:26
I think it was probably a tame rabbit… one of those big one
and it’s ears didn’t stand up either

Report · 05:27
Ohhhh…. Maybe he belonged to the neighbors and they were trying to retrieve him
So he was a big white lop-eared bunny

Report · 05:27
nope, I don’t think so

Report · 05:28
So maybe the guard bunny was watching for him so they could guard their bunny snacks, or maybe they were having a bunny party?
Do you feed them??

Report · 05:28
he was laying out in the street on the north side of the house one night…. I thought someone had run him over…. so I tiptoed out to look…. and I got pretty close and then he ran off
nope, they eat the grass

Report · 05:28
You should probably leave carrots or spinach out sometimes.

Report · 05:29
then they would bring more friends

Report · 05:29

Report · 05:30
I don’t know about that

Report · 05:32
So the bunnies are actually NOT welcome???

Report · 05:32
yes, but I think three is plenty

Report · 05:33
I guess this is the part where I have to disclose that I am about to blog about you

Report · 05:34
oh great

Report · 05:35
I love you!!!
It’s the funny blog, don’t worry

Report · 05:35
I love you too!!!! ok

Report · 05:35
Is there anything you would like to say??

Report · 05:36
I don’t guess so
I think I’ve probably said enough
I’m probably pretty easily amused…. But here’s another bunny photo
Isn’t s/he cute!?!?!!?
Now that we have all had our daily giggle and abundance of cuteness…..
…..I think I’ll go watch Alice In Wonderland now…..

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