Get Mad If Ya Want…..

10 Jul

I’ve been thinking about this post for SEVERAL days…

And here’s how I see it…

For those who don’t know….


I am outraged….

I hope you are too…

I am hurt…

If you don’t know my “Baby I lost” story, message me about it….

I don;t have children, but this HURTS me in a bad way!!!!

I have trouble understanding why Casey Anthony “gets” to have a child and I don’t. . .. . I understand that All Things Happen For A Reason…. But


And I am being nice. I read the transcripts of her IMs. Not that I get to be a judge, but this bitch DID NOT need a kid…

Whether she “did it” or not….

And in *MY* opinion she did.


Here’s where this whole thing is going. Many of you DO have children… PLEASE… All of you, love your babies, and realize how lucky you are to HAVE those babies (no matter what their age,) because there are some of us who can’t…

And then… after you do that. (thank you!! Love on them AGAIN for me!) ….

Don’t just be angry (we all are)…

Don’t *just* turn on your porch light…

Stop and THINK about this and take action.


Write your congress-people. (I did!!!)

Sign some petitions…


PLEASE, take action.

NOTHING makes me angrier than people PRETENDING to CARE about an issue, but wanting the EASIEST way out.

I don’t CARE if you turned your PORCH LIGHT on, I don’t CARE if you got your feelers hurt along the way. I do NOT CARE If YOU think you KNOW what’s up….

It broke MY heart too… So let’s TAKE ACTION….

And stop just pretending like we care.


Clicky Click. Signy Sign.

Bitches, I am counting on YOU!!!!!!

And so is Caylee.


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