Open Your Mind… And Your Ears!!!

27 Jun

It’s been quite some time since I sat down and wrote about music. This post is WAY overdue, but I will try to include some goodness to make it worth the wait!!! (note: I included LOTS of links to websites for bands, articles, and anything else I could link to in this post- take advantage of the clicky parts!)

In news, some of my favorite friends who happen to be in local bands have been nominated for Fort Worth Weekly’s 2011 Music awards! China Kills Girls’ Johnny Wenger is up for Best Male Vocalist, and  those two crazy guys in Stone Machine Electric have been nominated for Best Hardcore Band Of The Year, and from what I just read in The Weekly, they have also added a bass player.  Am I allowed to be both tickled that my good friend’s band is doing well enough that things like this are newsworthy and also irritated that I had to read it elsewhere? (I’m mostly kidding, Dub.) **edit** I have since been notified that there was, indeed, an announcement last week, and I missed it due to not paying attention to my surroundings. This is quite possible.

It is, of course, too late to vote for my fab friends, (voting JUST ended yesterday!!) but I’m thrilled to see people this talented get the recognition they deserve!

Also in the news under the category of  Things I Should Have Posted Quite Some Time Ago, I had the opportunity to catch The Murder Junkies live when they came through DFW on tour. Not only did I get to see them… due to a crazy turn of events, I had the very spiffy experience of having dinner with them before the show…

For those of you who have no idea what Murder Junkies are, here’s a video:

Having seen GG Allin’s videos, I was intrigued and just a little bit scared of what kind of experience dinner with these guys would be… And it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Dino (the somewhat famous “Naked Drummer”) is, to say the least, one of the most, ah, interesting people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Merle is one of the coolest, most down to earth people with a cool evil side one could hope to imagine as well. Hopefully, the next time they come through on tour, I will have the opportunity to host the show.

It was a fun night.

Locally speaking, there are a few bands I am currently deep in like with, and of course I want to share the greatness with all of you, so here goes!!

This is Frausun:

I don’t know how to even explain them, except to say that I have never ever ever ever seen a show like a Frausun show. You probably haven’t either, so I am urging you to check them out. Fortunately for all of you, they are booked at Hot Licks on September 17th with several other very cool bands. For more details on their music and other information, check out the Frausun Website.

Another of my new favorite locals is evernothing. Spawned from The Subversive Underground, this industrial/hard rock/electronica/something else band is also a great show. There is very little that excites me as much as a great stage show and these guys have it going on!! You can find them on facebook (be sure to *like* them!!) and you can also hear their music when you visit the evernothing website. Now that you are as excited as I am, come out and see them THIS Saturday, July 2nd at Hot Licks. They are also booked on the September 17th show with Frausun.

While I am on a roll, writing about great local bands with a great stage show, I can’t forget Aristoscat.

I am pretty sure that if laws of nature allowed and Desi Arnaz had a baby with Scott Ian, Aristoscat is what would have been born. Sporting suits, bringing a great, loud energy to the stage, and ordering Manhattans from the bar set these guys apart from anything else I have seen in a local band. (Unfortunately for them, I am still working out the kinks in my Manhattan-making skills.) Every time I see these guys perform, I tend to stop whatever it is I am doing and gravitate toward the stage, where I always wonder if perhaps I have the coordination to do the jitterbug while I bang my head. You can find links to music, show dates, and other information on the Aristoscat Facebook Page. I do believe we have them coming back to Hot Licks in September as well!!

Now that you have 3468394867987 links to check out and some new music in your head… leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!



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