Morbid or not…..

1 Jun

This started out as an email to one of my favorite people, but I decided to share it… I’m not going to do anything silly or anything like that, but if I were to be run down by a bus tomorrow or eat a bad avacado………

So here it is… I have been having a weird and morbid day.

And I am 99.99999999% sure my crazy family is going to do what they can to try to force me to have a southern baptist funeral service. yeah. I DO NOT want that. I am assuming that you might kinda take up for me, since this message is clearly dated and I am going to send the exact same thing to my mom. 🙂

When I’m outta here, I would love, more than anything, a local musicians’ jam…. People who meant something to me, and they would know who they are. 🙂

That aside, NO PREACHING.
No hellfire.
NO brimstone.

I would like to think that perhaps I had a positive impact on a person or two… and if someone wanted to say something nice about me, that would be cool…

If not, that’s cool, too… I guess, just make them play these songs, and have folks  come by and either have a drink with me.. or sing along.


I don’t care if it IS cheesy… I’ve lived it.. and we really should all stop and think about how good we have it. I’m fortunate to get to do what I truly love for a living and to surround myself with rockin’ people a LOT of the time. It really is beautiful, yadda yadda. . . I have had a great run already and it’s getting better from here.

Also this:


I would like to think this one speaks for itself… and there are recordings of me playing it, but I won’t be that weird.


I guess, really, all I’m saying is… No preacher, and no weirdness…. Just be happy ya knew me and plan fun party. . . . ANd also, I am sorry if any of you were weirded out….. I think it’s a great plan. It’s a party with no date!!!


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