28 May

Much to the chagrin of my grandmothers, I have some tattoos. And they are not in super-sneaky hiding places, either, like the middle of my back. If I have art on me, I want to be able to see it, so we are talking forearms and calves here.

I want more.

At this moment, I could think of probably 75 things I would love to have permanently inked onto my body, but it is also very early in the morning and very late in my day, so I won’t be making any crazy decisions today, but I’ve been thinking about what I want to get next.

I’ve given some thought to getting an absolutely absurd tattoo with no meaning whatsoever, just because it would be fun.

….but how do you explain that something like this was a joke???


Barbed Wire around my upper arm is out, too.

That narrows it back down to something that means something to me.

Okay, so I am sure there are other options, but if I can’t have the two previous options, I want something meaningful.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I’ve thought about a sheet music excerpt…

This is one of my favorite songs EVAR… And when I look at it, I hear music in my head. Spiffy, eh?

I’ve no idea, though, where I would put even a couple measures.


My left leg already has one sugar skull tattooed onto it, and I’ve given some thought to adding more to that leg, just because I think they are so neat. The one that is already there is dedicated to my two grandfathers, so I almost feel like I would need to do something to these to make them personal, but I think they are pretty…

Then there’s this… See… I kinda like the idea of keeping some sort of theme n each appendage. I know, keep everything sorted out, right?? On my left forearm, I have this….

I happen to love this and I am thinking that including this in pieces around it or on either side might be neat….

I really don’t like the flower thing in the top right corner, though….

What about you? Do you have tattoos? What do you think about them???

I’d like input.

Unless you are my grandmother. And in that case, I already know what you think. I still love you both.

One Response to “Inked…”

  1. Doob May 28, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    You should get a DRD tattoo. haha Only kidding. I am surprised at how small “Katie numbers” have become. 😉

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