Baby Overboard!!

27 Mar

For the past several years, I have lived primarily in a house. A house in a quiet neighborhood consisting mostly of older folks.  Even during the two years that I did live in an apartment by myself, I managed to pick a complex that was relatively quiet. By quiet, I mean that I almost never saw my neighbors and they never complained about how extremely loud I can be.

Now… I have moved once again into an apartment with the greatest roommate ever. There have been a couple of adjustments….

We live on the second floor, and on occasion, when my out of shape, fluffy arse is trying to get up the stairs while carrying an overnight bag, my laptop, my calendar portfolio, my purse, a bag containing half the Jack in the Box menu, and an iced coffee…IN ONE TRIP…. I think I might die. To date, there have been no accidents, lost food, broken legs, or dropped laptops. I’m still pretty out of breath when I get to the top.

Also… The neighbor next door is a single mom with three children. Her brother and his girlfriend are also generally there. Neighbor Lady is fun and funny and doesn’t complain when visitors to our place stand on the balcony, which is right next to hers, and talk about how certain appendages smell like dirty socks…(and they weren’t talking about feet!)

She’s cool.

Yesterday, we were sitting on the balcony, smoking cigarettes and I was trying to wake up, when suddenly a baby stroller flew over her balcony and onto the grass below. I thought it was frighteningly hilarious, and didn’t think I could laugh much harder, until it was followed almost immediately by a baby doll. The scene on the ground below us was a little grotesque, and I am still wishing I had taken a photo.

I like to think it would be this awesome, but I’m no photographer, and that would have required me to go downstairs…

It seems she was helping her children get their outside toys downstairs with as little effort as possible. By the end of the incident, there was a My Little Pony massacre scene, the stroller, the doll, a car seat, and two children playing happily.

I’m thinking she may have taken it a bit far, though….. As I was leaving, I glanced outside and saw her flinging a full trash bag over the railing, too.



2 Responses to “Baby Overboard!!”

  1. Lars Bruchmann March 27, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Maybe she was teaching them physics? They converted the potential energy from lugging the items up, ie away from the ground, into potential energy as it fell until it impacted the surface of the earth. Knowing the mass of the objects, the elevation of the toss, and the acceleration of gravity one can calculate the force of the impact against the ground as well as the G-force felt upon impact.

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