This is the post….

17 Mar

Where I make fun of my friends. Because they are funny. And because they know I love them.

And because this week has been extraordinarily funny in a “blooper” kind of way….

**disclaimer** All accounts posted here are re-told with the permission of the bloop-ees. Names are still being changed to protect the silly.


It all started on Monday, when one of my favorite people on the planet, who we will call, um, Mason, had an appointment in the afternoon and he asked me to go with him. Rather, he asked me to drive and go with him. My dear friend, ah, Kason has lived in Arlington for the greatest portion of his life and is what we might call directionally challenged in other parts of Tarrant County. He is, however, very helpful and proficient in guiding those who may or may not be lost in Arlington or almost anywhere in Dallas County. The point is…. Monday afternoon, we set off in good spirits in search of the office where this very important appointment was to be held. We had a map via his very handy iPhone, but it soon proved USELESS. (*note* I want an iPhone so bad I would do unspeakable things for one.) My phone was dead, and although I am wanting an iPhone so bad I would eat my food all mixed together, slightly envious of all my iPhone-owning friends, I soon became less green when his phone died. Things soon became ugly when we began to drive in circles and he continuously insisted that we were going in the WRONG DIRECTION!!!!! I may or may not have lost my temper and began to be unpleasant because I knew where I was going and the iPhone was wrong. The whole dramatic adventurous episode ended when we finally found the address we were seeking and all was well with the world.

Lesson Learned: I still want an iPhone in a sick way and everyone made it everywhere they were supposed to be.


Just because it’s too funny not to post…. From a friend several zillion years younger and quite a bit blonder than I….

Ugh so there’s a huge miquito looking bug in my car.. Idk where it went but if I find it while driving this isnt gunna turn out gooddd:(
And yes, that IS via iPhone. Just sayin’. According to the report from this person’s father, she never even made it out of the driveway and ran back into the house for fear of encountering the giant mosquito bug. The bug was never found.
On an even more hilarious note, the father mentioned previously was engaged in the following conversation earlier:
Me: Oh, look! You do have chicken in your freezer!!
Him: That’s NOT chicken!! It has a “K” In it! Who KNOWS what that is????
Me: Um, how do YOU spell chicken….?????
Why yes, they are certainly related!!!
So I took this whole post, almost, to pick at my friends, but I, too, have my moments.
Just last night, while making chicken and dumplings, I noticed that some of my dumplings were going to the bottom of the pot, which is NOT normal, so I did what anyone would do.
I called Nana.
Nana: hello??
Me: HELP!!!! Some of my dumplings are floating to the bottom of the pot and only a few are sinking to the top!!!!!
We all have our days.

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