Music, Music, Music….

11 Mar

Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am sometimes to get to have the job I have?

Hey, I’m lucky. I get to hear anywhere from 40-50 local bands a month, JUST while I am at work, and probably another 10-20 out and about the Metroplex.

Blah blah blah… I’m living my dream job. Neener neener.

Now that I have the gloating out of the way, I wanted to talk about a couple of new CDs I’ve acquired over the past couple of weeks!

WhiskeyDick Put out their CD “Drunk as Hell” this past October, and because I am a slacker, I only bought the CD a couple of weeks ago. That’s a lie. Because I am a SUPER slacker, I had a friend pick a copy up at a show I didn’t even attend because I always seem to get Drunk as Hell at the shows I do make it out to see and never manage to remember to buy merch. Or something like that.


Anyway, if you actually know me in real life, you know that I love these guys and I have lots of good things to say about them and their music. The CD Rocks, and they have really mastered the art of reviving that old outlaw country sound and still manage to keep everything new and fun. I’m especially fond of Track 8.

You can check out their tour schedule, buy merch, and find out more about these wild and crazy guys here.

I also managed to put my hands on a copy of China Kills Girls’ recent release and was blown away.

I like to listen to new music in my car, because sadly, the best sound system I have is… well, in my car. Don’t judge. I’m more motivated to actually leave my house now, okay?

The first time I unwrapped the CKG CD, I was on a road trip from Burleson to Arlington. In RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. This stuff is such hard core old school punk that I almost forgot I was driving a Toyota Camry and was tempted to drive OVER the cars in front of me like a monster truck. It’s awesome angry driving music and almost always ends up in my CD player any time I am on the freeway between the hours of 4 and 7 pm. That’s pretty often. From what I understand, you may trot your happy self over to Fusion, Inc in Fort Worth (here, if you are as lazy as I tend to be…) and buy a copy. If you are super ultra mega massively lazy, you can shoot an email over to and they can send you one as well. Now is a good time. You also have the option to catch a live show and buy merch there. You should definitely do this.

Speaking of driving and listening to music… My friends in Stone Machine Electric just recently put out a great little live demo that just happened to be recorded at the fine establishment where I work.


That’s the disclaimer they forgot to put on the back.

You should most certainly listen to it,  just not when you can’t really stop and concentrate on what’s going on. This is definitely a real “listening experience.”

Just sayin’.

You can, of course, make it out to one of their shows (dates are listed on their website referenced above- these guys really get around) ONE of which happens to be at Hot Licks Barbecue Saloon tomorrow night (March 11) and I, of course, will be behind the bar. You also have the option of going here and downloading the album. You should definitely go catch them live, though.


I promised two reviews and you got three. Now I’m going to go pretend like I am NOT watching three solid hours of Jersey Shore. Enjoy.


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