Adventures in Camping….

11 Mar

I love spring time. I love vacations. And believe it or not, I LOVE being outside.

This would be why I have decided to try to go camping next week for a day or two.

It’s been so long since I have REALLY been camping that I have been looking at park maps and making lists of things I might need and planning trip routes and looking at the weather.

What if it rains? How much food should I take? How many sets of clothes? Will there be showers available? Am I able to fish there? What kind of activities are nearby to keep me amused? Am I allowed to build a fire? Do I have to take my own fire wood? What is the cost of the various campsites? What the heck does a screened shelter look like? Why is it so much better than a site with water and electric? THEY HAVE WIFI AVAILABLE!??!?!?!!?!?


See? I’m already tired and all I have done is research what I MIGHT need to know.

I want to stop here and point out that never in a million years would it have occurred to me to take my laptop on a camping trip. I thought about it, briefly, but I’ve opted not to do so, simply because the whole idea behind going camping is to leave all the stress and technology behind, right?

Besides, my cell phone will do just almost everything my computer will.

I’m kidding.

All the planning and preparation for this two-day trip has left me slightly confused and also thinking about planning a Florida trip.

If we are planning an 8 day trip to Fort Lauderdale, I get online, find the least expensive flight and hotel, then I book the trip.

When it’s time to go, I pack a swimmy suit, shorts, capris, flip flops, and tops, and I am ready to go….

Maybe I should just go to the beach instead….


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