Hodge Podge

8 Mar

Most of you probably know that I fight a facebook addiction on a daily basis. To be fair, I really do quite a bit of my work via facebook. . . . . But I also still have a bit of a nosiness and stalking habit.

Anyway, I digress, as usual, and what I was getting at is that I posted a request for blogging ideas on my page and I got the following responses:

So there you have it… I have decided to address everyone, so here goes:

Dub- I’ve opted to start an entirely new blog in regard to religion, but I actually usually have something to say about religion and my LACK of religious feelings on a daily basis.

Everyone Else- You are all more than welcome to love me, hate me, pray for me, send happy thoughts my way, or remove you from your various friend list due to your feelings about my opinions. I have atheistic beliefs and although I feel we all have the right to believe whatever we like, I would never shove my opinions about those things down another person’s throat, hence the additional blogging space, and all I ask is that no one feel the need to force your thoughts on me. I have my own thoughts about organized religion, but if you’d like those, I suppose you might want to follow the new blog. I will post links soon. 🙂

Ian: I love hamburgers, but only on occasion. I am not a big fan of red meat, and would almost always choose poultry or seafood over beef.

Misti: I’m pretty sure that Zombie Effin’ Jeeebus falls under my lack of religion blog I am about to start. You might like to follow that one as well. Zombie Jeebus will be addressed there for sure.

Darlene and Lars: I hate possums with a purple passion and you can bet your biskits that I will be dedicating an entire post to those evil little critters!!

Dub: Again, Boogers are probably out of my league. I couldn’t write more than a few sentences about mucus of any sort. Perhaps I could incorporate the Martian Arachnid post with boogers.

Misti: I don’t even want to discuss skinny jeans. You are out of luck, I’m sorry.

Sister: I am working on an opening day post all its own!

Rachael: I posted a while back about my love of the lo-carb Monster!

Philbert: Fish Faces Belong on Fish!!


Now it’s time to start work on a whole new blogging adventure!!! Stand by for updates from that as well!!!



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