Fat Tuesday.

8 Mar

I love holidays. All holidays. Well, almost all holidays.

I am not Catholic, but I love the idea of one day of super-indulgence.

I also love the idea that there should be a holiday for fat people. Seriously.

Celebrate the fluffy.

I had given serious thought to observing Lent just for the practice in self-control and I gave a lot of thought to the things I could give up until Easter. It is, by the way, a good thing they stop that Lent thing at Easter, because no one should be asked to give up peeps and tasty malted chocolate eggs. The Catholic Church does at least have that part right.

As usual, I’m digressing. I had thought about giving up caffeine, but since my boss seems to think I should be AWAKE when I am at work, that is out of the question.

I thought about giving up smoking, and although that is probably the best idea I have had in a long time, I would not want to subject anyone to the crazy psycho I become without nicotine.

The idea of giving up alcohol also crossed my mind, but that was a very very brief, fleeting thought.

Finally, I had the best idea ever.

I found something I am willing to go without for an entire year…..

So after tonight….

I am giving up Fat Tuesday for an entire year.


Go out tonight, have a hurricane or 5, eat some crawfish, and be fat and happy!!!!

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