Alligators, Exes, and Beach Storms

2 Mar

It’s not at all uncommon for me to have crazy dreams, but it’s rare that I remember them. I’m not sure if it’s fortunate or unfortunate for me and for all of you, but this morning, my laptop happened to be nearby and I was able to record it…
Any dream analysts out there???

In my dream, I was managing the bahia cabana bar in Fort Lauderdale and WhiskeyDick was playing. Several of my friends were present and another bartender I know was working for me… everyone was having a lovely time. Suddenly, I saw a storm start to roll in, so I asked Audra to help me get all of the liquor put away so that the storm wouldn’t mess everything up. The band kept playing and she kept making flavored vodka snow cones…
(That does sound like a tasty treat!!)
Finally, I gave up and allowed her to continue to make her tasty snow cones, because out of nowhere, one of my ex boyfriends had appeared. He was sitting at a table with the girl he dated after me and she was giving me dirty looks. Suddenly, she vanished and he jumped up, started yelling about what a fabulous time he was having and started dancing around with his shirt off.
(This particular person would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS act like this in public.)
He continued his crazy dancing, and I walked up to him and we had the following conversation:
Me: Um, what are you doing here?
Him: **flailing his arms** Having a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!
Me: Are you crazy? Are you on drugs?
Him: NO!!! This is GREAT!!!!!
–the girlfriend starts walking toward us–
Me: Um, are you going to get in trouble for being here at my beach bar?
Him: I DON’T KNOW!!!!! *turns to her* AM I IN TROUBLE!?!?!?!?

At this point everyone starts screaming and pointing behind me, and I turn to see an alligator the size of a huge bear coming out of the darkness. I scream also, and turn to find Audra still making vodka snow cones, so I run (that’s funny right there, but if there was an alligator involved in a situation, I probably would run) over to her and start trying to get her to stop making snowcones.
She refused, so I began to try to figure out how to make the alligator run away when I notice Mr Ex is still dancing around, which was confusing to me and the next thing I know, the alligator was coming directly for me, so I started running again, but the alligator was faster (that’s not normal, right? I thought they were pretty slow on land… this is one realistic dream!!) and so I got up on a chair to get away from the alligator and I woke up right as he was about to chew my leg off.
And now I believe I will go back to sleep so I can see if I can resolve this craziness before it’s actually time for me to get up…..


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