Gas Station Adventures…

1 Mar

One thing I hate, hate, hate is having to stop to get gas. I tend to wait until the very last minute to do so.

This weekend, I was driving down the freeway with one of my favorite people and ‘the very last minute’ happened. I pulled into the nearest gas station and three things happened:

1- He got out of the car to pump the gas (WOOT!)

2- The station attendant came outside to check the windshield washer levels


3- I went inside to pay.

My commentary on these three things:

1- I actually hate the act of refueling my car more than the act of having to pull over to do so, therefore, I was ultra thankful for this!! It also allowed me to spend more time chatting with the attendant inside than if I had been in a real hurry (this leads to my commentary on #3.)

2- Upon my return outside, once we were safely in the car, Mr. Wonderful Gas Pumper says…

Him: Did you see that attendant come outside?

Me: Yes, why?

Him: Did you notice anything special about him?

Me: Um, no. Why?


Me: What?

Him: Yes, and not in a subtle, ‘hey, there’s a gun in my pants kind of way!”

Me: Yikes. It’s only 6 pm. …Look what I found at the register!!!


And this leads to #3….

I went inside to pay for the gas, and in an attempt to not help in any way with the pumping of said gas, I looked around the cluttered register area. I love Habibian gas stations for this reason… They ALWAYS have interesting items near the register that are almost always a waste of money.

This time, I SCORED….

Apparently, in the less, ah, affluent neighborhoods in DFW, there are magazines/newspapers you can buy that have all the arrests in Dallas and Tarrant County for the week… ALONG WITH MUG SHOTS. For 99 cents.

The one I purchased is called CHARGED! And was 1 cent cheaper.

I have never been so fascinated with something so weird.

I was especially fascinated with just how UNattractive the ladies of the night happened to be.

Also, several of the individuals who had been charged with organized crime did not look like they even organize their sock drawers.

I have been admonished to stop frequenting gas stations in certain neighborhoods, especially after dark, so I am going to need someone to retrieve a copy of this fine publication once a week.

Who’s in!?!?!?


2 Responses to “Gas Station Adventures…”

  1. Mom March 1, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    Wow, I’d like to see that…. maybe I should start a compilation of my own, rofl. They wouldn’t be as interesting as those are, I bet!

    • katiethegreatie March 1, 2011 at 7:47 am #

      Did you see Tracy’s comment on my facebook link??? According to her, there is already one out there for Okfuskee County!! I started to ask her if you were the editor!!

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