Little Bits of Whatever…

9 Feb

I don’t have an entire post today about any one thing, so here are a few little bits of humor….

I had a friend come back from the grocery store yesterday with a trunk full of environmentally responsible grocery bags. I was super ultra proud of her green decision until I picked one up and INSIDE the cloth bags…. were the plastic ones from the grocery store! ha! Good one, Jill, apparently she thought the plastic bags were overloaded.

The weather is bad here in Fort Worth again today… Not as bad as it was last week, but the metroplex is still pretty much shut down. I’m sad that I missed the crazy news people early this morning.

I’ve been thinking about posting once a week or so with pictures I see around facebook of people who really shouldn’t have left the house the way they did. Is that mean? Can I get in trouble for this? Ideas?


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