The weather outside is frightful….

1 Feb

And, apparently, so are the DFW area News People.

I’ve been tickled pink this morning with the adjectives and extraordinary drama exhibited by DFW weather people and news anchors this morning. . . .

Here’s what it looks like outside RIGHT NOW….

From the lady who was wearing her sunglasses and staring straight down during her report because she was being pelted in the face by sleet…

Here she is… Jeebus…

To the one who looked as if her giant umbrella she was using to protect her from the few flecks of sleet coming down in what she described as “blizzard-like conditions..”

I’m embarrassed for us, DFW.

The Super Bowl is to be held here in the metroplex in just a few days and we can’t even get roads cleared. We have weathermen insisting that EVERYONE stay home because although the road conditions aren’t so bad now, they will be deteriorating FAST and FURIOUSLY.

STAY HOME, everyone!!!!!!

I’m not kidding.

I have every intention of spending the day clad in furry pajamas, wool boots, and a hoodie. I also have no intention of travelling anywhere.

I wouldn’t suggest being on the road with any of these fine folks, anyway.

Stay home, build a fire, have a drink or 409586098, and have a giggle at the news people with me.


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