Because I don’t talk enough about ME…

6 Jan

I’m kidding.

I’ve been called a diva and a princess and a drama queen and all kinds of other fun names, but mostly I think I am just plain fun.

And the one awesomely fun thing I manage to do every year is throw myself a great birthday party.

And boy, is it fun. Each year it seems to get just a little bit bigger and a little bit better and this year is no exception. I’m not doing a theme like I have in the past but there is always next year!

This year, my 21st (PLUS TEN!!) Birthday Party will be held at Hot Licks Barbecue Saloon, which is located at 7120 South Freeway, Fort Worth, Texas, 76134. Doors will be at 3 pm, I believe, to accommodate playoff games, and cover after 7 pm will be $10 for everyone over 21 and $15 for minors. I am working up some super awesome drink specials and surprises, so it will definitely be fun for all!!

I am beyond excited about the bands I have chosen to play this year, so I wanted to put a little bit out there about each of them….

Hopefully it won’t keep anyone from coming out for the party (I’m mostly kidding.)

Stone Machine Electric is composed of a couple of mean ol’ guys I have known for quite a while now. They aren’t the most socially graceful and they might actually come across as rude to you, but they are frighteningly talented. I’m mostly kidding about the rude part, also. I think mostly they are shy. You should definitely make it out early to catch them play at 8 pm. You should also catch them after their set and tell them how cool they are. Yup.

You can find them on facebook HERE and their website, if you happen to be into that kind of thing is located HERE.

If you are feeling especially ambitious, here is a video of what I wanted for my birfday. Enjoy.

Garbage Truck is one of those bands that you really just kind of need to be there to see in order to appreciate them. It’s a whole new brand of humor. They are raunchy. I’ve known three of the band members for quite some time now, and it was a while before I was even aware that I even knew anyone in this band. I’m pretty sure they are DFW’s best kept DIRTY little secret. They take the stage at 9 pm and you will certainly be sad if you miss them.

Bastardos de Sancho is my NEW FAVORITE THING… When I say I have never seen anything like these guys (and gal) I am SRS!!! From Becca Blood, the World’s Greatest Maraca Player, to Junk Metal Drums & Cymbals, Telephone Microphones, Sugar Skulls, and Mexican Wrestling Masks… It’s all-around fantabulous-ness!!!! Oh, and the name… If you don’t know what the name means… and then once it’s translated into English, what THAT means… send me an email. I’ll ‘splain.

**A word from The Bastardos**

because you asked…i will tell.a “sancho” is well,a really friendly guy who “takes care of your old lady” when you are not around.bastardo is simply as it sounds,the spanish word for bastard…when you put it all together Bastardos de Sancho is:the unwanted offspring of the before mentioned sancho’s love conquest…th…at is reason for the mask,to hide our shame…Bastardos de Sancho:We are bound together in Blood,Shame & Rock N Roll…Viva Bastardos!?! i realize YOU,Katie DO KNOW what it means…i just put that up there for the benefit of others…straight from the horse’s mouth!


You should definitely catch up with them on facebook as well, which you can do HERE. Look up Miss Becca Blood, too… She’s fab. While I am making my birthday wish list… here’s what I want from THEM, and I will share it with you too! They will start playing at 10 on the dot, so you should be there EARLY!!

Responsible Johnny is a super awesome, ultra fun punk rock joy. Yeah. I happen to like punk rock and you should too… They’ve rocked the stage a couple of times at Hot Licks/Rock Dogs and even amidst a lineup of serious metal… they rose above the others and really made the show!! You can find them on facebook HERE. They will be playing at 11 pm, and I wish I had a video to show you, but you will just have to take my word for it. THEY ROCK!!!!

The Gruesome Twosome will be headlining at 12 midnight… and they are a JOY. I mean that in the most Rock ‘N Roll Bad Ass way possible. I don’t even have words for these guys, except that I love them. A lot. Let me see if I can find a video so that perhaps you, too, can share my crazed enthusiasm….

Um, yeah… I should have done more research. I will see what I can do to get a video up for them, or a facebook or something.

So… See you there?? January 15th???

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