Never A Normal Christmas

28 Dec

And that’s how I like it!!

Here’s hoping all of you had a fabulous holiday. I did.

I got the one thing I REALLY Wanted….

Christmas Eve Morning I got the call…


Ohhhhhhhh yeah.

This week is going to be full of lots and lots of work, but if you are in the DFW area, I would be most pleased if you wanted to come ring in the New Year with me… Or to celebrate my birthday on January 15…

Just sayin’… It’s not every year a girl turns 21 (Plus Ten!)!!!!!

Okay, okay, enough self-promotion.

I did get to go to Okemah for the holiday and as you all know, I NEVER come back without some good stories!!

Here are a few good tidbits…

Mom’s dog and Sister’s dog don’t always get along. Nana is a very dramatic nervous lady. Upon being advised that both dogs were being let inside the house at the same time, she announced,

I guess I will just stand here between the two of them and let them chew my legs off!!!!

Oh, yes she did.

No legs were chewed or gnawed.


Also, while I was there, Mom advised me that there had been a horse tethered outside the local watering hole (bah ha ha) on a few different occasions recently. I stalked the place faithfully trying to catch a glimpse of said horse. No luck.

I was thoroughly harassed concerning my choice in hair color, the tattoos on my arms, and my lack of church attendance. I’m pretty sure there were a few present who were shocked that I did not burst into flames.


I got new sheets and a comforter set for my bed, which I love… Mom Rocks.I washed them and put them on my bed tonight.I’m reworking my room into something fun that will probably give half of you nightmares.



Also a bowl SPECIFICALLY FOR RAMEN (!!!!!!) from my sister (among other things). They both totally rock at picking out gifts for me.


In typical fashion, Mom and I stayed up super late on Christmas Eve Night to bake… Once this happened, I have to admit to cleaning up the mess, giving up, and going to bed. The cookie dough was too buttery and the cookies just MELTED off the sheet.


That pretty much sums up my trip… It was a great visit!!!

It is going to be a SUPER ULTRA MEGA BUSY week, but I’m up to the challenge and ready to get a lot of things accomplished!!

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