Nothing To Fear…

19 Dec

…Except fear itself, of course!!

Many, many moons ago, when I was living a VERY different lifestyle, I befriended a guy who wore makeup and he had crazy clothes and he spent lots of time in cemeteries and people were generally afraid of him. I was a little bit scared of him as well, but I’ve never been one to accept things as they are and I made it my mission to befriend this person.

We were both going through unpleasant times, and we were both making poor lifestyle decisions, but he taught me a lot of things… And probably the most important of those things can be summed up in just one phrase.

People are terrified of the things they don’t understand.

Crazy, huh?

It’s true.

At about the same time, I started to listen to Marilyn Manson. I understood that a lot of what he was doing was an art… Not that he was trying to get school kids to run around shooting each other, or encouraging drug abuse.

He’s trying to make a point, and I came across this video today that underscores many of the things that are wrong with society today. Please actually watch it… I think most of you will be very surprised at how articulate this man as, and also probably SHOCKED at the ideas he has to share…

I firmly believe that 90% of the problems with youth in this country stem back to their parents and the way they are being raised.

I know for a fact that had Marilyn Manson been THE BIG THING when I was a child that my parents would not have allowed me to listen to his music. I also know that although I felt like I was rather sheltered growing up, I turned out okay.

***Thanks, Mom & Dad***

Now that I am Nearing Thirty-One almost twenty-five years old, I can make the choice as an ADULT to attend a Marilyn Manson concert if I should choose to do so. And I have. Twice. I’ve been fortunate as a GROWN-UP to get to watch his stage show from the pit area and to be in the VIP and back stage areas.

I can also gladly report that I came away from both shows without the urge to kill small animals, but with a sense of awe, because I had just seen someone step outside the box of what is considered ‘normal’ and to do it in a very public manner and to be acclaimed for that.

Pretty cool, huh?

Then there’s this:

Perhaps all of us, as a society, should step back and take a look at the people we make fun of, seek out those who are troubled, and actually care about those around us. Instead of pointing fingers… Let’s actually try listening.

Just sayin’.

No, It’s not him, but a fantastic look-alike I’ve seen at concerts.

Also, I don’t know what’s up with that face I’m making.


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