The Bachelorette…

6 Dec

That’s me.

I’m not looking for a husband.

I wanted to throw that out there. In the event that one materializes from somewhere, I will be okay with that.

But I’m difficult. And stubborn. And needy.

Okay, not so much on the needy. I’ve managed to get on the right track with my life, and for the most part, things are headed in a REALLY positive direction. I’ve found what I enjoy doing. I have ONE cat who insists upon being an only child, so there is no worry of me becoming the crazy cat lady. Crazy, yes. Cat lady, no. I have a good, responsible car as opposed to the little British convertible I wanted so badly, but that I knew would be a headache from day one.

I’ve grown up a little bit. I’ve begun to try to look inward whenever things go wrong. I feel the importance to look inside when there is a problem, as opposed to pointing fingers in every direction. I don’t drink 349857349687 times a month anymore, and have managed to keep it at maybe once a week.

It’s all about baby steps, I suppose. I’m getting there with things, but the truth is…


I need someone who likes to go DO things. Someone I can talk to. Someone who doesn’t want to strangle me every time I laugh. (That’s the really important one, by the way.)

So, yeah… this isn’t really a personal ad, mostly just me whining because I’m getting to have more free time and nothing fun to do. . .

Dear friends, if you know a nice, single man… One who bathes very regularly and smells nice… Who might think I’m even a little bit amusing… Send him my way.

Here’s a picture of me. It will help….



One Response to “The Bachelorette…”

  1. Mom December 8, 2010 at 1:32 am #

    I love this one! You can write one for me too, in fact, it could say almost the same thing… we are looking for the same man, just different ages!
    I love you bunches! Mom

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