So I wanna be a rock star….

5 Dec

Kind of.

I had a friend ask me some time ago if I had quit my boring desk job to become a rock star. I told her yes. I was lying. What I do now, of course, is a LOT of fun, but I am no rockin’ diva.

I plan to rectify that, and soon.

I’ve always liked the White Stripes, but never REALLY got into them. Until recently, and now they are my most recent favorite thing.

Jack is PRETTY… see?

He’s also a really great guitarist and he looks like he would be a lot of fun in addition to being really really hot.

Then there’s Meg. She’s a badass. See?

I’m still going to inflict a video on all of you, but she plays pretty simple drum lines and looks cool and acts like she really has better things to do than to sit there and keep a super awesome dead-on tempo for her hot ex-husband.



Besides, there are not NEARLY enough chick drummers out there.

(Does anyone see where this is going yet????)

Where I am going with this is… I have always wanted to play the drums. There happens to be a drum set here. I KNOW I could do these simple songs she does. Go see them on youtube HERE.

Now that you have all the background, I can tell you my plan.

I intend to form a White Stripes Tribute Band. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Tribute bands are HUGE here in DFW. I know that I don’t look anything like Meg, but I think I can play the drums well enough to get by… especially if I have this drum set:

We could be the Pink Stripes! Or Hello Operator! Or or or… Icky thump. Okay, maybe not that one.

All I need now is a drum teacher and a hot man who can play guitar and sing…

I have practice space…

And a stage to play on as soon as we have a 40 minute set!! (SRSLY!)



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