Christmas Lists Are Hard!!!

2 Dec

When I got the following email from my sister this week, via facebook email, and addressed to both my Mom and me… I had to giggle. This is my sister 100%….

Between you, sister, and mom. 30 November at 09:48

So, Christmas lists are hard, but I came up with a list of random and not so random things I would enjoy though some of them are a little ridiculous.
*Oklahoma necklace $25- it was shown on the Today show this AM and it is onsale for 24hours then it will be $130. Don’t pay $130 or I’ll be mad! you have to order through the Today Show website.
*external hard drive
*laptop (a girl can dream!)
*tripod for my camera
-tall one or the flexible kind that wraps around stuff
*Black metal toolbox
*trouser socks
*A winch:
* I think Sam would like a cattle guard too, especially if he gets a winch, because it would need to mount to something.
*Rain Boots/ Golashas- cute ones! Not too crazy though. Size 7 1/2
*Books: (I don’t want only books!)
-The Prince of Fenway Park by Julianna Baggott
-Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl by Susan McCorkindale
-Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Roda Janzen

So there… now you have a list, but really I will like anything. I already know what I am getting you, but feel free to tell me what you want anyway.

I am pretty sure that Sam is her truck, but I’m not completely sure. Because I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted, I had to think for a little while about what to put on MY list… Normally, I would have just said, OH… get me whatever, but the opportunity for blogging about this conversation was there and I had to play along. Here’s my reply to the two of them:

02 December at 00:18

Well, alrighty then….

I already asked Mom for sheets.
And Christmas Tree Cakes and Sausage, but I will probably just get sheets.

Here’s a list of some other things I would like
– I am also very fond of trouser socks
– an MP3 player
– Books – Mom, you know what I like to read. Sister, you usually do an awesome job picking books for me. I would LOVE the entire old school Nancy Drew Series.
– Earrings. I like silver.
– a sony reader.
– I also need jeans, but those are a nightmare.

Mom, your turn.

My mother has yet to respond. My sister hasn’t either. I am tickled, however, by the appearance of trouser socks on her list in between a winch and a toolbox.
Hey, I can’t talk… I’m rather fond of trouser socks, myself.

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