Little Me…

19 Nov

Once upon a time, two very crazy people had the very crazy idea to get married and have a child. They never saw what was coming and said child was not only THEIR first child, but also the first grandchild in both families. She was also hell on wheels… or in my case, in the younger years, hell on foot braces….

Then I graduated to the Ultra Supreme Strawberry Shortcake Tricycle…..

Don't hate...

Ah, I want another one of these…. but really big…

And I had forgotten what the purpose of me posting all this really was…

It’s almost CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holidays… Haven’t we been over that?

So yes, it’s almost Christmas, which always leads me to think of the Nutcracker, which prompts thoughts of my childhood….

Why, you ask?

Because when all the other small children were listening to Elmo songs… Okay, that’s a lie, too. Elmo had yet to be invented. Anyway, while other children were listening to whatever it was children listened to in the Bronze Age, My Nana was introducing my young ears to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Big Band and Broadway show tunes.

Thanks to this.. I would run and leap and dance around like a pro… Like this:

Okay. That’s a lie. But I certainly thought I did.

Those were nice memories.

I believe I will go see The Nutcracker this year.

Here’s a bonus picture of my sister and me….


One Response to “Little Me…”

  1. ashley November 19, 2010 at 6:42 pm #

    is it sad that i first associate that song with home alone? at some point in my life, i am going to see the nutcracker on stage.

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