and what are YOU supposed to be, little girl????

20 Oct

I love Halloween. We already covered that, I know, but I just wanted to get it out there.

I love playing dress up.

I love a good party.

I love all the spooky stuff, too.

The past several years, I have had AWESOME costumes. Not to toot my own little horn, but I can be pretty creative when I really try. Let’s re-visit all my great ideas, and then you can see why I am stumped this year.

Three years ago, I was a fairy. My dear friend Susan and I spent an ENTIRE DAY making the tutu. And I had glittery shoes. Fun stuff! I also punched the only person I have ever been in an altercation with while wearing this very outfit.

Go ahead and laugh about where I happen to be.

For Halloween 2007, I got together with 3 other people and we formed “PRISS,” the girlie equivalent to KISS. I was Queen Simmons. We worked on this for about a month before Halloween.

Fun Stuff!!

Halloween 2008 was a little bit of an off-year for me, creatively. I was a ladybug, mostly because I love ladybugs. And it gave me a chance to be something glittery and girly. I made this tutu, too. (hee hee) For some reason I waited until the DAY OF this party to get my stuff together and that tutu was an all day affair.

I never got a really great picture of the tutu, but I rocked it!

Last year, I got to be 2 different things. I borrowed a devil costume from my friend Stacey, who unfortunately passed away about a week later, for one party. I could wear pant suits like this EVERY DAY if I had it in different colors….

That's Becky's dog Sinbad... He was a little devil, too.

My absolute number one favorite costume idea ever… Was Vinnie Paul Abbot (he was the drummer for Pantera and Damageplan and is currently with Hellyeah.) I’ve had the hat for a few years, and I had a lot of fun with this really super easy costume. The chest hair I applied with spirit gum and BOY did it itch!!!!

Taylor looks a little creeped out, huh???


Now that I have oooohed and aaaahhhhed over all my past creativity…

This year I am stumped. I have a very limited budget, but that was true the past few years as well. I’ve decided to take an old Grim Reaper/Wizard robe that the lovely roommate had lying around and had forgotten he had… Cut it short, add feathers, tights, and a cutesy witch hat and go as a pink and black witch.


That’s really all I have.

Here’s a terrible drawing I did in paint illustrating my intentions. Don’t be jealous.

This way, no matter what, it will definitely be cuter when I get it all together.


What are YOU going to be????



3 Responses to “and what are YOU supposed to be, little girl????”

  1. sister October 20, 2010 at 4:13 am #

    I’m going as a Texas Rangers fan!!! I’m afraid that 50,000 of my closest friends may show up as the same thing.

    • katiethegreatie October 20, 2010 at 4:18 am #

      I think that is highly likely. When are you going to be here? hmmm?

  2. Sister October 20, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    Hopefully, I will get to Texas on Friday, October 29th. Plan to go to World Series games 3 & 4 and celebrate the Rangers sweeping the World Series on Halloween!! Hopefully the team will go along with my plans.

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