No, ociffer….

7 Oct


Merlot Makes Sunday A FunDay.


I haven’t been drinking.


I was stalking my own facebook earlier (I think it’s a good thing to see ourselves as others do) and I noticed that although my alcohol consumption has diminished quite a bit over the past month or so, I am posting more and more photos of my drinks.

Of course, I laughed at myself a bit and then I thought about what a huge impact alcohol has had on my life… (and I will get to the drink photos, too).

Have YOU ever thought about it? You should. I am willing to bet we all have some pretty good and bad memories just associated with alcohol. . . .

I remember being about 4 or 5 years old and my sister (she was SUCH an instigator back then) talked me into having a healthy swig of “BEER.” I wanted to be like Mom and Dad and so, of course, upon her insistence, I tried the “beverage.” What I did NOT know was that she had taken a beer can that had been left out on the coffee table (Sorry Mom, about the bad parenting reference) and topped off the little bit of warm spit, cigarette butt and ashes, and tiny bit of beer in the bottom with water. It is, to this day, probably the most disgusting thing I have ever had the misfortune of consuming.

Fast forward about 11 years and I remember cruising the super busy (rolls eyes) streets of Okemah, Oklahoma on weekend nights with my friends and we would “drag Main” and all hang out at this old sonic building. One crisp fall night, a friend offered me a swig of Southern Comfort backed with a Dr. Pepper. HORRID! My mouth and my throat were ON FIRE!!! “NEVER AGAIN,” I thought!

It didn’t take long for a dear friend and I to discover Peach Schnappes. It was the tastiest thing EVER. Take an OceanBerry slush from Sonic and add some peachy goodness… Nom. I could try it now and it would probably make me want to vomit… Or maybe not, I’m pretty hardcore.

Sparing some details, Alcohol has taken me a lot of places, and caused some less-than-proud moments… I’ve passed out in cow pastures, I have wrecked cars, I have said mean things and slammed a head or two into a speaker cabinet and perhaps punched a waitress here and there… But I’ve also danced and sang and cracked jokes and made new friends…

Once I started learning the bar business (and believe me, I am STILL learning!), I realized that different drinks bring out different sides of people… And that a GREAT vodka leaves a far less painful mark the morning after than the well drinks do…

I do, however, have a pretty fantastic job… I get to throw a party every night I go to work. WOOT!

Plus, thanks to the spiffy new retrocam app I found for my phone… All of the drinks I have had recently look REALLY artsy…. Hence all the photo postings.

Oh, did you miss them on facebook? Here. I will help…



Beer is Good!


And now… I believe I deserve this…


Yeah I love that Sangria wine... Just like I love old friends of mine - Jerry Jeff Walker



Anyone Else Have A Fun Drinking Story?? DO TELL!!!



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