what’s it worth to ya??

21 Jul

Something I have been thinking on a lot over the past week or two is local music.

This is partly because I have been a part of the local music scene since I moved to Fantabulous Fort Worth in 2005 (I know I’m not an OLD timer, but I’ve been around for just a minute.)

As someone who does a little bit of booking, some promoting, and some business with bands… And also as someone who, for a time, was in a long term relationship with someone in a band that had regular shows…

I know a little bit about it.

My intention is to hopefully stir up some thought and conversation… and also to put my opinion out there.

Locally, there are a ridiculously awesome number of bands. . . For the sake of conversation, we will stick with rock, because that is what I know best…

The way I look at it, there are two kinds of ‘local’ bands. . . .

There are the bands who go out and play their hearts out on stage for their friends and family and really push and promote and do what they can to build a following and a fan base so that every time they play, they are gaining new fans and also bringing people into a venue. Their main goal is to go out and have a great time, build a name for themselves, and hopefully make a little bit of money as a bonus. They bring people into a venue, and the venue rewards them for the business they bring along with them. Everyone has a good time.

Also, there are bands whose main goal is often (not always!!) to make money. The band is run as a business and there is a set fee required before the band will play any venue. These guys (and gals!) also go out and play their hearts out, but often with a different goal. These bands do not have to do any real promoting work to get people to come out to their shows- the venue is paying them to entertain the patrons who are already there.  Everyone has a good time.

Now that a good time has been had by all (har har)…

I’ve seen bands who brought not-so-many people get upset because they felt they should have been paid just as much as a band that packed the house…

In a conversation with a member of a more business-run band tell me that they were more successful then they ever had been as a band that worked for door draw…

Now, that isn’t really fair, now, is it?

Would the value of a band not be determined by what they can bring into a venue?

Discuss, please. I want some other takes on this. 🙂

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