I’m a slacker.

3 Jun

I already know. . . . let’s see, since I was here last, I went to Florida, had a blast, got two tattoos, and, and, and…. I’ve been back several days and have posted nothing.

I left for Florida last Monday morning.. early. And by early I mean that I closed up the bar, came home and finished packing and we left for the airport. Because I  chose Chuck as a driver and he so nicely agreed to take me, I was late for my flight and was bumped to the next one, which meant a longer layover in Atlanta…. Atlanta is a CRAZY airport and I had fun… mostly I sat and people watched and had a few drinks. It worked out well, because it landed me in Fort Lauderdale just a few minutes before Jill and Lori.


We drank and I got to hang out with my sister…. I got a lovely skull with heart eyes and a bow on its head on my right calf… I allegedly went swimming at 4 am in my undies and tee shirt, then walked back to the hotel from the beach without bothering to put pants on. I know you are all sad you missed that…. I got to watch the sun rise over the ocean… I drank mimosas on a beachfront deck in the mornings when I could actually drag myself out of bed in the MORNING…  I drank cheesy fruity girl drinks, and one in a coconut, even. … And all around, Jill, Lori, and I had  The Best Time Ever. I sincerely want to move there.

OH, the food. We all know how I love snacks. Primanti Brothers Deli has the TASTIEST Sammiches I have ever eaten. The menu lists them with slaw and french fries ON THE SAMMICH. We all also know I have 2395729856729687 crazy rules about my food and that it is required that most food items not touch. They gladly allowed me to order a sammich sans fries and slaw and were even sweet enough to put those on the side. Yum!

The last night I was there, we ate at a place called Aruba. YUM YUM YUM. NOM NOM NOM. I posted pictures of that plate on facebook. Unebelievable. It was absolutely the best seafood I have ever eaten. I could go on for days, but WOW.

We spent a lot of time in a lot of bars and venues…. I like to look around and see what people are doing differently so I can maybe pick up some new ideas and habits. One thing I did learn is that the Jaeger bomb is universal and that it is probably the only shot on the planet that you can order and not have to ever explain.  The Dive Bar is a fun place there, but I could sincerely not find my way back there if I was alone. There was also a jazz bar called Blue Jean Blues that I coerced everyone into stopping through for ONE drink. One. Because the music was “old people music.” I was in love with the place. I’m also weird. There was an amazingly talented pianist on stage when we got there- dressed to the nines in a full suit, fedora, and everything. *sigh*

Okay… I’m done trying to re-live the 20s and 30s, although I should definitely have been born in that era. Just sayin.

We also went to the elbo room, which is a fun fun place on A1A, and within walking distance from our hotel.

OH… OH OH OH…. When someone who is a MAIL CARRIER and carries mail ON FOOT…. When they tell you something is within walking distance, they are almost always lying.  One lovely thing about that, though, is that as long as your drink is in a plastic cup… You can walk right out the door of a bar and right down the sidewalk or across the street to the beach, drink in hand. I’m all about convenience. . . . And also about having a drink in hand while I am walking far more than I care to.

We were smart enough to not even consider renting a car while we were there- no one wants to fight a DWI anywhere! But there were taxis all over the place, so that helped. Jill is probably the funniest cab passenger EVER. A typical cab conversation follows:

Jill: What are your rules? Can I bring my beer or can I smoke in there?

Cabbie: Bring beer. No Smoking.

(They all had different rules. Most of them were drink but not smoke friendly.)

Jill: Okay.

-we all enter cab-

Jill: Where you from?

Cabbie: My Muthah.

Jill: Seriously? Where’s she from?

Cabbie: Algeria.

Jill: That’s nice. What’s your name?

Cabbie: Guy.

Jill: Well, okay, then, Guy from Your Muthah… Do you know where *whatever* is?


I seriously cracked up just now while recounting this story. It actually happened. We also had a cabbie named Jimmay. He didn’t spell it that way when he gave us his number, but that was his name.

There were many more truly hilarious moments… a few including our delightfully effeminate waiter at The Deck every morning…. but I could never recount them all and since my lovely sister is trying to deny any involvement in ANYTHING, I will leave her out completely, as well. All I’m going to say about her is that it took us probably 30 minutes to get a picture of our feet together in the water. But she says she stayed sober.

The flight back was uneventful and I was very sad to leave… But when I got back Friday, once I made sure everything was fine at work, I went to New School Tattoo, right next to Sam’s Trouble, where I work Thursday nights, and got another tattoo. I drew this one, the artist, Alan, cleaned it up for me and it’s on my forearm. I love it. It’s mine and no one else’s. So there.

Upcoming events so I can remember to write about them— I’m at Sam’s Trouble this Thursday and Rock Dogs the Rest of the Weekend. I have Tickets to the Indy Races on Saturday (Thank you, Sister!) Cockpit is at Sam’s Trouble on the 9th, Iron Maiden is in Dallas on the 9th, and I have Whiskeydick at Sam’s Trouble again on the 10th! WOO HOO!

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  1. katiethegreatie June 3, 2010 at 8:29 am #

    Wow, I blogged while I was gone and forgot. Look at me. duh.

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