I’m a water baby

26 May


For sure. In case anyone wondered, I would rather be in or on or around the water than anywhere else.

I’m in Fort Lauderdale, FL right now…… and I LOVE IT.

I love the bars….. I love the tasty drinks … ps… all the bars I’m in will now be serving the yahhhh bitch, which happens to be my favorite beach drink, just a bit adjusted. . . . the drink’s adjusted, I mean. YUM!!!!!!!

I know I discussed my fear of flying, but I did OKAY!!!!!! I slept through most of both flights, actually!

Monday we did great bars, had a grand time, and I had fun with my seeeester, which might be a bit rare, although I HEART her.

Today we got up and had Primanti Brothers sammiches, DELISH!!! I opted to have mine sans slaw and fries, which normally comes ON the sammich.. We all know that is against every rule I live by and I chose to have them on the side.YUM!! It was a vinegar slaw (tasty!), and not mayo-based.

This afternoon we went to buy groceries, which would be why I am not nomming on cream cheese crab spread and chips and not fast food… and my lurvely seester retrieved us from the store, after which we spent a few hours on the beach before she had to go do that pesky work thing. Yuck.


I took a power nap. That’s not the news….

The news is that I got a new tat!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Perfect Katieness. Thank you Jilly-Jill…. without her I would NOT have been able to get it! YAY!!!! Everyone who visits Fort Lauderdale needs to go see Andrew at Bulldogs tattoos.

Check out my ffacebook for a pic. I’m thriled and would love another tomorrow.


I won’t, though. Tomorrow is beach. And water taxi… and I can’t remember what else. Stand by……






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