midgets & pimp suits

19 May

I was just re-reading my blogs and realized that I never did write about the midgets.

Last Saturday, well, not LAST Saturday, but the one before, I was left to watch over Rock Dogs. Everyone else was either out of town or had somewhere to be. . . That was fine with me, since I would have been there anyway.  At about 10 PM, the wg texted me. The conversation follows:

wg: Is everything okay over there?

me: Everything is fine, we have an okay crowd, I like this band. Nothing remarkable or bad.

wg: Okay, good. Let me know. I should be back before too long.

me: HOLY HELL. A white man in a lime green pimp suit just walked in with two midgets.

wg: *photo of band at Ridglea*

me: photo of Mr Pimp

On facebook I posted, “A man in a green pimp suit walks into a bar with two midgets…”

I don’t know how the joke ends, but the male midget did bite me on the arm. Then he asked me who was in charge around ‘that place’ and when I told him I was, he apologized and said he would bite nicer next time.

I had a friend once who was mortally afraidof midgets and now I know why. Hopefully I won’t have to take medication for Lollypopguildophobia.

I kid.

I actually have a creepy obsession with little people. I want a tiny sidekick. a Mini-Me. Is that too much to ask???

2 Responses to “midgets & pimp suits”

  1. Brandy May 19, 2010 at 2:15 am #

    Oh wow

  2. katiethegreatie May 19, 2010 at 10:20 am #


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