Trainwreck Tuesday….

18 May

I AM a trainwreck today…. And my thoughts are all over the place, so buckle up.

I’ve started cleaning in 4 different rooms and will be lucky if I finish one of them today, but I have also designated today as my day to not leave the house if I can help it. I tried staying home yesterday, but I was tricked into asked to work for a few hours.

I don’t know how many of you are avid readers…. And I don’t know if anyone was as dorky as I was as a kid (I read a LOT)… but as a child I did read every single one of the Nancy Drew books. The old school 1950-something ones, not the 80s version where she was too hip…. And I also read Harriet the Spy.  Even as an adult, I remember reading and still love that book. Well… Yesterday, while I was attempting to avoid working, I saw Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars was on Disney, so I tried watching… Man. Way to ruin my childhood memories. Harriet was never a blogger. Blogs didn’t even exist yet.   THE BOOKS ARE ALWAYS BETTER.  Perhaps the powers that be are trying to make Harriet more modern and appealing to kids today. Who knows. Do Not Like.

My trip to Fort Lauderdale is rapidly approaching in SIX DAYS and I am SO excited!!!! I am getting over my fear of flying alone… Trini tells me that I might be lucky and there may be a sweet elderly lady sitting next to me to hold my hand. . . And also I get to borrow her rockin’ zebra print suitcase with the pink trim. Oh YEAH… We heart Trini.

Someone told me that you can make chicken and dumplins with canned biskits. WRONG. No Bueno. I did not like them. I did not like them in a plane or on a train or on a boat or with a goat. I did not like them. I will likely throw the entire pot of food out, it was that bad.

I decided over the weekend that I would REALLY like to get a tiny cow. Much like the midget cows in the Jack in the Box commercials about tiny cheeseburgers, but real. If anyone knows where I can get these, let me know.

We have Hillbilly Orchestra at Rock Dogs this Friday, May 21, and I am just tickled pink about that. Those guys are a lot of fun and FUNNY…. If you have a myspace, go check them out… Actually, just bring yourselves out to this show Friday night and you can hang out with me as a bonus! I’m also bartending at Sam’s Trouble on Thursday night… *wink* *nudge*

What is the most polite way to tell someone that they consistently mis-pronounce words? The Chuck insists that the capital of England is “Lawndon.” He also pronounces “Saxon” as “Shechwan.” I’m not kidding. Someone needs to stop him, please. Should I write Miss Manners?

I was fortunate to be gifted with a bottle of Seagram’s 7 Crown Dark Honey Whiskey over the weekend. (Thanks, Luke!) YUM. I’m not much of a whiskey drinker anymore, and certainly never straight, but I was able to drink this without even a coke back. It was SMOOTH. Check it out. Tasty goodness.


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