15 May

Well, now it’s Saturday.

Where did I leave off? Tuesday I had a chaotic morning and afternoon and I will leave it at that for PR purposes. I did get to have lunch with Jill and Steve, two of my favorite people, at Logan’s and it was TASTY. I had catfish if you were wondering.

Wednesday I had a pretty full day at the ‘Dog House’ and then rushed around so that I could make it to Grand Prairie for Styx & Foreigner. Kansas was on the lineup too, but of course, I am Katie and we made it there too late to see them. Denise, my boss at Trouble went with me and we had fun, although we were practically sitting in the ceiling, ha! The Chambord Margaritas helped quite a bit, too.

About the actual show… Styx was a good show, and this was one of the first, um, non-metal or country concerts I have attended, so some of the showmanship was a little cheesy to me. They seriously ROCKED Renegade. Foreigner was weird to me… almost Foreign (HA!) Their frontman was a bit young, I guess and far too energetic – Until now, I thought there was no such thing. As usual, I had fun, but I seriously wish I had made it in time to see Kansas!!

Thursday is my usual night at Sam’s Trouble, and I had probably the best crowd I have had in there yet, along with WhiskeyDick. They were a fun show, as usual, and I had a really fun night. There were wheelshair shenanigans, and a good time was had by all.┬áIt was good to see some people I haven’t seen in a while! I am working there this Sunday, as well, since it’s the regular bartender’s birthday. So if you are one of my Fort Worth Folk, make your way on over there for Free Pool on Sunday Night!!

I had some observations I wanted to share earlier, but now I can’t remember what they were… Which is normal.

I’ve not seen any midgets or people in pimp suits this week… Did I write about that last week?

I leave for Fort Lauderdale in 9 days and I am super excited about that, although I am terrified of flying and also the thought of having to take a taxi alone.

Since it’s the weekend for most of you awesome regular day people, I hope it’s a great one, and send happy thoughts my way, since my work week just started!!

Is anyone else afraid of flying and/or taxis? Mostly I am afraid of getting lost in the airport and something terrible happening during the cab ride. Have ny of you ever been to Southern Florida? Tips? Comments? Ideas? Is this thing on???


2 Responses to “already???”

  1. Brandy May 16, 2010 at 2:42 am #

    I’ve been to Florida but it you are afraid to fly- I will happily go in your place.

    • katiethegreatie May 19, 2010 at 2:12 am #

      I’ve been advised that there just might be a sweet old lady sitting on the flight next to me willing to hold my hand….

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