it’s Monday.

10 May

Most of you out there hate Mondays passionately.  I enjoy them, mostly because everyone else is getting up early and going to do that during-the-day-work thing. Not I. Monday is SLEEP DAY.  I awoke freakishly early this morning because I accidentally left the TV on MTV last night this morning when I went to bed and there was some bad rap video on, so I decided to get up and blog. When I am done here, I will be returning to sleepyville as soon as possible.


Last Thursday was mostly unremarkable.

Friday night I went to the Happy Armadillo to see Whiskeydick. They had a really great turnout, I had fun, and saw some friends I haven’t seen in… well… a long time.

Oh, and the stand-up artist asked me out again. I have an acquaintance who asks me out almost every time he gets inebriated. He promptly forgets any plans we make, apparently, because I almost never hear from him in regard to those plans afterwards. I think I am going to start asking him to go do bizarre things, just to see what he will say.

Saturday night I was at Rock Dogs, which was fun. Sedated is always a good show and China Kills Girls, which is apparently a REALLY new punk band, was a BLAST. I did actually have a lady who had the nerve to ask me to refund her cover charge because we didn’t have a band on stage in a timely manner… I politely told her to eff off   I was unable to do so. Go me. She looked scared when she walked off, too. Ha.

Whiskeydick was back at Rock Dogs last night, as they are EVERY SUNDAY. . . Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I ever get tired of seeing them play. Nope. Always a fun show, always entertaining, and they are always willing to drink with ya. Well, almost always. Plus they are just plain good guys. There are some people out there, specifically some musicians I could name but won’t, who could take a lesson from them. Just sayin’.

Oops! I forgot about my little adventure last night. Chuck was at VP’s house and I was asked to retrieve him. WOO HOO! Normally, I would have been ecstatic to go over there, but hellyeah is on tour, and I REALLY wanted to just chill out and have a drink or 43 in my pajamas, but he almost always retrieves me when I need him to do so, so I went. First I took the really long way to get there, because no one was listening when I mentioned 409852305392835 times I was going to take I-20 and not I-30. Upon arrival, I parked at the very top of this crazy long winding driveway. (This becomes VERY important later.) I find Chuck on the phone and unwilling to speak to anyone or leave the premises, so I had a beer or 4 and played air hockey with Casey. I kicked butt, by the way. Chuck FINALLY gets off the phone, decides he’s ready to leave, we grab a fajita (YUM!!!) and off we go, only to find, once we get outside, that it is raining AND that I had parked in an impossible situation. Chuck ended up backing the truck ALL THE WAY DOWN this ridiculous hill, which took ages… and we get to the bottom….

Only to find out that the people who had actually taken him to that house…

Were leaving.

I was livid. I left my comfy bar stool, in my pajamas, only to drive way out of my way to play air hockey, have a couple of drinks, and eat a fajita.

It was fun though.

The fajitas were REALLY good, too….. I guess I can’t complain.

 Never a normal day.    Really.  . . . But almost always a fun one.

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